Super Bowl LV Streaker Runs Across Field, Shows Off Butt

Superbowl Streaker from Twitter

Would it really be The Super Bowl without a naked man taking on the field? This year fans saw him zip by with his shorts down and took to Twitter to talk about the Super Bowl LV Streaker

The ‘Super Bowl LV’ Streaker

Every year crazy things happen at The Super Bowl. This year, a seemingly naked man took on the field and made the game a bit more exciting. Right before cutting to commercial, fans got a quick glimpse of what seems to be a naked man.

Of course, the jokes have already started flowing in.

“The #SuperBowl streaker has more yards than the Chiefs tonight,” @brobible tweets.

Some are even calling it the run of the night.

“Fan on the field with the best run of the night. #SuperBowl,” another says.

Due to the nature of the game being live, the commentators even got into it.

“*streaker runs*
Commentator: “that was one of the greatest runs of the night”
#SuperBowl,” someone shares on Twitter.

While the cameras were fast-acting and didn’t give the man any attention, people have made sure to share the video all over social media. He can be seen in the first few seconds of the following clip:

From the video, it’s still a bit unclear as to just how nude the man was. Some tweets, though, do show him in a pink thong. It appears he could just be pulling his shorts down so everyone can see his back-side. It’s safe to say, no matter what, he wasn’t supposed to be running across the field.

Without fail, they tackled him to the ground to stop him from his mooning escapades.

This isn’t the first time this has happened

Last year there was another streaker that tried to take the field. It was Kelly Kay who says she was tackled to the ground and ended up with bruises all over her.

Kelly is an Instagram model. She says that while she ended up really hurt from the tackle, she didn’t even notice in the moment. Her adrenaline was far too high.

Apparently, the model wasn’t fully nude they discovered once they had her in holding.

“After being tackled to the ground and prevented from stripping, Kelly was holed up in a cold cell under the stadium waiting to be processed for eight hours while wearing just a skimpy bathing suit, according to TMZ,” The New York Post says.

Did you see this year’s Super Bowl LV streaker this year? Let us know what you thought of that and the Halftime Show in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all TV happenings.

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