Riley Busby Plays Imaginary Scary Robber With Hazel – See Cute Photo

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Riley Busby played at being a scary robber with her sister Hazel. And when It’s A Buzz World shared it on Instagram, some fans thought Riley might feel scared. Bear in mind that several times in the past, Adam really frightened Hazel with his various Halloween pranks. But Hazel’s a little bit older now, and probably wise in the ways of scary things in the house.

Riley Busby, ever active with imagination plays scary robber with Hazel

We reported that at Halloween in 2019, Adam Busby picked up some criticism from OutDaughtered fans. While he often pranks all the quints, Hazel seemed very stressed and genuinely scared. Adam appeared as a giant blow-up with a scary pumpkin face. And, he then produced a scary skeleton. It seems she’s not a huge favorite of Halloween. Plus she hated his scary skeleton as well. Adam, of course, playfully scared all the kids. But, maybe she outgrew that scary time at the age of five. Nevertheless, she seems a bit nervous about “scary daddy.”

InTouch Weekly reported that fans also slammed Adam Busby for terrifying Hazel with scary things. The outlet noticed that fans took exception to a 2017 scary scene where Hazel seemed very afraid. Irritated fans asked him to not do that. Hardly any of them thought it funny that he frightened such young kids. But often, Riley Busby seems rather less frightened than her sisters. And now she showed a scary robber face to Hazel.

Not as scary as Adam, but fans think Hazel might be afraid

On February 6, Adam took to his It’s A Buzz World account and shared a photo of the two girls playing. Adam captioned it with, “Hazel, pretend I’m a scary robber… #alwayspretending.” Riley grimaced, but fans couldn’t see Hazel’s face.  Nevertheless, one OutDaughtered fan said, “Hazel will get scared.” But other TLC fans think even with a scary face, Riley just looks way too cute to be all that frightening.

Another OutDaughtered fan said that at four-years-old, their kids love playing at “scary zombies.” So, maybe Hazel grew out of her fearful stage and just plays along with Riley Busby at scary robbers. As Adam talked about Riley’s imagination, many fans understand how kids feel things deeply. After all, in their minds, they probably easily conjure up pictures of scary robbers while at play.

Riley Busby Plays Imaginary Robber With Hazel
Credit: It’s A Buzz World | Instagram

Dr. Robin talks about anxiety and imagination in kids

An interesting article by Dr. Robin who treats kids with anxiety, notes that clever kids often have vivid imaginations. In some extreme cases though, they conjure up such scary things that they enter a state of anxiety. But Hazel seems like a well-rounded personality. It seems unlikely that she gets so scared by her dad or Riley Busby playing at scary things that they traumatize her.

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