‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’ Will Season 2 Happen? Exclusive Interviews!

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Season 1 of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has captured the attention of viewers around the world. However, the series has left viewers with more questions than answers. Viewers are being especially critical of the petroglyphs deceptively shown to be on the ranch. Although these questions need answers, fans of the show are still eager to see what is to come of the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. 

Will there be a Season 2 of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch? What can viewers expect to see next? How will Karga 7, the production company behind the show, explain the petroglyphs? TV Shows Ace is reaching out to Paranormal Investigator Ryan Skinner as well as Archaeologist and Author James Keenan to help answer these questions.

Ryan Skinner Tells Viewers What To Expect.

You said you speak with Duane every week. Is there anything he has said that viewers would find interesting? Will there be a Season 2? Anything we can expect?
Ryan Skinner: I recently got my scuba license.  I plan to explore the cavern and will be coming up with a team of experts.  James Keenan (you really SHOULD talk to!) and Mike White (a local with tremendous experience with tunneling and the Rhoades Mine mystery).  James will bring his deep group penetrating radar equipment and is an expert scholar regarding ancient petroglyphs. Also, I believe I know where the Rhoades mine is located.  The ongoing theory is that Duane’s property is one of the outposts and depositories for it as they traveled back to salt lake.  What we believe to be in the submerged cavern is processed gold.  I personally do not believe Duane’s property is the mine itself, but rather a repository for Rhoades.
Is this something we can expect to see in the next season?
Ryan Skinner: He did ask me to reveal the location of this mine for Season 2.  However, it is typically producers not talent who makes this request.
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Introducing James Keenan

Let’s start off by telling me a little about yourself.
James Keenan: Sure. I have an educational degree from UCSB in Interdisciplinary Studies. My major focus being anthropology and archaeology. I have twenty-four years of investigative experience in law enforcement, commercial loss prevention, and insurance fraud investigation. Currently, I am an author. I have written six fictional works. I am in the process of completing number seven.
How did you come to know Duane Ollinger?
James Keenan: I met Duane through Ryan Skinner. We all attended an in-person conference in Laughlin, NV last year. This was just before the Covid epidemic struck the USA.
What was the conference on?
James Keenan: I believe it was a UFO conference. But the speakers covered multiple topics, including cryptids and supposed paranormal hotspots on the Uinta Basin. The Mega UFO Conference
What was your first impression of Duane?
James Keenan: He was definitely an oilman from Texas; no doubt about it.

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

It is my understanding that you have been to the ranch. Is that correct?
James Keenan: Yes. I conducted a lot of boots-on-the-ground investigation while bringing in multiple pieces of technology to assist. I was there in May of last year and will be back soon.
What can you share with me?
James Keenan: I conducted an initial investigation into potential underground sites (cavity searches). I took initial soil samples. RF Spectrum Analysis was conducted as well as mineral searches for specific minerals/metals. I also wanted to get a feel for the geology. Another main purpose of the visit was to look into a potential energy field that was to supposedly be found on the ranch.
My main focus is the entire Uinta Basin. I am searching for certain things of the past; mostly what is found in the petroglyphs. I am looking into who or what was on the basin in the distant past.

Explaining The Deception

It is my theory that what has been shown on the series so far is a reenactment of sorts. That most of what viewers have seen happened before Discovery Channel began filming. Does this seem like an accurate theory?
James Keenan: I believe some subjects were discussed prior to the show. But I would not be able to answer that question in regards to things being a reenactment. I do wish certain aspects of what was discussed or shown on the show were explained more.
I believe the show could have explained this better. It should have stated that in the course of investigating the past, especially the ranch area, that certain things in and around the area may be directly tied into the ranch. The petroglyphs and pictographs shown are from Dry Fork Canyon, but they are telling a story that may directly tie into the ranch. I also believe that how the Aztec and Ute are related should have been better explained. This would have then shown the possible connection between the two. The fact that the Aztec nation may very well have originated in the area, only to later move to Mexico should have been included. But remember there is such a small amount of time allotted to tell a story each week, and with only six episodes for a season one. The Fremont and BCS Cultures should have been included in the petroglyph episode.

Season 2 Of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Ryan Skinner stated that he will be involved in exploring the caverns in Season 2. He also said you will be one of the researchers on the team. Is this true?
James Keenan: I will be with Duane and Chad to conduct deep underground examinations. I have a greater amount of equipment than what was seen and used in season one. But I am not doing this with Karga Seven. I also must follow up with all my past findings. This includes my soil sample results. I have yet to sign anything with Karga Seven for Season Two.
Ryan Skinner told me he believes he has found the Lost Rhoades Mine. Were you involved in this?
James Keenan: I cannot go into details on that. There is a lot that will soon come out.
Is there anything you can share with me about Season 2?
James Keenan: At this point, I just do not know what Karga Seven has planned. I can tell you there is a lot more that needs to be told and explained in greater detail. Since the search is on-going, there is potential for a huge find to shatter everything. I can tell you I would not be wasting my time and energy at the ranch if there was nothing there. I would have moved on. But there is no way in hell I am doing that.


At this point in the interview, James became concerned about preserving his research. TV Shows Ace is respecting his wishes and will not be releasing any further information on his research.

Although Discovery has not officially announced the second season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, the research is still being conducted. Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more exclusive news and updates.

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