Jerry Sykes Visits Super-Excited Tammy Slaton In Kentucky

Jerry Sykes - Tammy Slaton

Jerry Sykes features on 1000-LB Sisters on February 8. Tammy Slaton’s very excited in the teaser, but also worried. She fears he might not like Kentucky. Not that she thinks he might hold any issues with her. Clearly, Tammy¬†seems confident that he loves her deeply. But he should expect some hard questions from Amy Halterman. So will the meetup go okay?

Jerry Sykes visits Tammy Slaton in Kentucky – she’s super-excited

We reported last year that 1000-LB Sisters fans heard about Jerry Sykes and Tammy at the end of Season 1 of the TLC show. News about him emerged shortly after she told fans on social media that she couldn’t date as she already has a boyfriend. People wondered if he ever arrives on the show. And then, early teasers for Season 2 revealed that he met up with Amy. She simply didn’t trust him around her sister. In fact, she thought he might enable her over-eating as he likes his women large. Presumably, it related to the latest teaser that dropped for Monday’s episode.

Spoilers ahead!

The February 8 episode reveals that Jerry Sykes visited super-excited Tammy over Halloween. The teaser revealed Tammy scrubbing up and all excited about Jerry Sykes arriving. She waited for hours. When a producer asked her if she feared he might not arrive, she said she felt a bit nervous. But she believed that her married boyfriend is reliable. She only worries that he might not like Kentucky and the place she lives in. But in real life, some spoilers emerged.

Spoilers arise about Jerry and Tammy

1000-LB Sisters fans see Jerry in Kentucky, but news emerged that suggests Tammy Slaton already flipped him off. The news came via Facebook and we reported it on February 6. Tammy shared that she said she’s in a new relationship. The Facebook post suggests that she now dates Kane, a very attractive woman. If that’s true, fans seem unsurprised as historically, she mentioned she’s been with girls before.

In the meantime, the show airs the scenes of Jerry Sykes arriving in Kentucky where super-excited Tammy awaits his arrival. Actually, she mentioned that they already talked about possibly marrying. In the comments section of TLC’s teaser on Insgrgam, 1000-LB sisters fans reacted. One of them wrote, “Tammy I am so proud and happy for you,.,I hope he showed up and may all your dreams come true because if anyone does deserve happiness it is you honey!!”

Jerry Sykes Visits Super-Excited Tammy Slaton In Kentucky
Credit: TLC | Instagram

Meanwhile, others think the whole vibe’s completely wrong. After all, Jerry Sykes already married and people, think Tammy might end up as a home-wrecker. And they fear Jerry Sykes uses Tammy Slaton. After all, by her own admission, his wife is ill and can’t deliver between the sheets. So, he looks at her for that.

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