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‘My 600-LB Life’ Production Changes Weight Minimum To Audition

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The latest casting call of My 600-LB Life  reveals production has changed the minimum weight requirement. Turns out, you don’t have to be over 600lbs. to audition for the show now. In fact, they’ve lowered it by 100lbs. And, widened the net to anyone who weighs over 500lbs.

Mind you, it makes the show a bit of a misnomer. But, that seems like a minor issue for TLC these days. Actually, that could even pave the way for the hoped-for My Big Fat Fabulous Life crossover.

My 600-LB Life casts people weighing in over 500lbs

We reported that Whitney Way Thore keeps on talking about weight-loss surgery. It’s become such a talking point that fans suggest a crossover between My 600-LB Life and MBFFL fans. After all, Whitney doesn’t carry 600lbs of weight or more. Mind you, fans also think Dr. Now would fiercely get to the bottom of her motivation. And, fans also think if Whitney went on the show and lost weight, she’d effectively kill her career. So, that crossover remains a pipedream for now.

However, the latest casting call for the show reveals that you don’t need to weigh as much as 600lbs. There’s a big difference between weighing 500lbs from weighing 600lbs. But, both weights indicate morbidly obese health risks.

USA Today reported that more people hit the morbidly obese weigh in these days. Partly due to easily-obtainable unhealthy foods, it also ties into an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. So, My 600-LB Life likely won’t struggle with finding more cast members.

A new casting call goes out reported, “My 600-lb Life, is currently searching for individuals weighing 500 pounds or more.” The storyline remains the same as usual. Applicants need to set aside a year or so of their lives for their weight-loss journey. The casting advert notes some restrictions. Firstly, all applicants need to be over 18. Plus, they must “live in the continental USA.” But, either gender may apply. And potentially, these days, any gender-identification person might do so as well.

Of course, not everyone revives acceptance just because of their weight. And a selection process takes place after application submissions. If you know someone who could use some help, then anyone can email [email protected]

My 600-LB Life retains very good ratings. No matter how many new cast members come across the screen, fans can’t get enough of it. Many of the stars find a good number of followers. And people check back year after year on their progress.

My 600-LB Life Casts Less Than 600LB People
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In fact, TLC viewers don’t even mind re-runs of the various episodes. Probably,  the audience won’t mind whether the stars on My 600-LB Life weigh in at less than 600lbs.

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