Jade Roper Falls ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

Jade Roper And Reed

Jade Roper hit the wall and fell “down the rabbit hole” this week. The new mom suffers from extreme sleep deprivation as she nurses her new baby, Reed. And, the Bachelor in Paradise star spends a lot of time with her middle child Brooks and Emmy, her eldest daughter. These days, she finds some respite as Emmy started preschool. But it certainly looks like she slid to the end of the rope lately.

Jade Roper feels so exhausted that she ‘fell down the rabbit hole’

A couple of weeks ago, Jade enjoyed a staycation on her wedding anniversary with Tanner Tolbert. The BiP star said she felt so thrilled as they spent time with their kids around them. The little family seemed very happy. But all new moms know how exhausting a newborn can be. And right now, Jade looks like she could use another vacation. Maybe without the kids. But small kids can’t be offloaded for a break, especially when they’re only a few months old.

Emmy started pre-school for part of the week. So, potentially, that gives Jade Roper a bit more time to rest. But Brooks still needs his mom’s attention. At the moment, he seems enthralled by an “electric toothbrush” But, only mom knows how to use it. So, she said she probably turned the thing on for about the “1,000,000th time.” And she ended up with the brush flung in her face, “literally.” Now, she noted that she also struggles with breastfeeding Reed.

Guilt and feeding issues with Brooks

In December 2019, Jade expressed how she felt so much guilt with Brooks. He didn’t gain enough weight and she felt terrible. She struggled with breastfeeding him as he suffered from “allergies that left him crying for hours from malabsorption, a lip and tongue tie… milk supply issues,” and “foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.” Now, she said that she also struggles with Reed. In a post on Instagram on February 5, she noted, “[I’m] exhausted from trying all avenues to figure out breastfeeding issues.”

Jade Roper Tolbert Deals With Worry And Guilt Over Her Son Brooks

BiP star Jade – ‘brutal and I’ve hit my wall’

Making it clear that she loves all her kids, nevertheless, Jade said that the lack of sleep with her “newborn” seems “brutal.” And she added, “I’ve hit my wall.” Plus, she “fell down the rabbit hole.” She looked so tired in her photo. And she even wrote, “Eleven weeks of no sleep and to be honest, I don’t want to mom today.” However, fans know that no matter how tired and worn out moms feel, they still need to “mom.” 

NHS Uk notes that “Most parents cope with a certain level of tiredness. But if you’re feeling low, bad-tempered, and unable to cope or enjoy things, you need to find a way of getting more sleep, or at least more rest.” Hmmm, that’s probably easier said than done with other small kids in the house. And really, Tanner can’t take over breastfeeding for Jade Roper. Maybe once he’s a bit older, they consider taking him off and onto a bottle.

Jade Roper Falls Down The Rabbit Hole
Credit: Jade Liz Roper | Instagram

Plenty of Bachelor in Paradise fans encouraged Jade Roper. But others said that it almost sounded as if she “called for help” in a way. So, they hope some kind person who lives nearby might step up and offer her some of that. A BiP fan reminded her, “Always ask for help. It does NOT make us weaker. ❤️”

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