Is ‘My 600-lb Life’ Dr. Nowzaradan Dead? Instagram Post Scares Fans

Dr. Now Instagram

A recent post on Instagram has fans of My 600-lb Life thinking Dr. Nowzaradan aka Dr. Now is dead. Just what was posted that has fans freaking out? And, where was this concerning post published? Keep reading and we will spill what we know and whether we believe Dr. Nowzaradan might actually be dead.

Wait, why do fans think Dr. Nowzaradan aka Dr. Now is dead?

As we mentioned previously, it is an Instagram post that has fans thinking Dr. Now is dead. The Instagram post was published on Friday. On Dr. Nowzaradan’s profile. The concerning post has accumulated just shy of 20,000 likes and nearly 300 comments. Many admit the Instagram post sent them into a panic.

The post, as you can see in the snapshot below, is a selfie of Dr. Now. It features a close up slot of the doctor. He’s rocking a surgical face mask. The year “2021” is very large on the photo. At the bottom of the year it says “has to be better” in much smaller text. Clear, the photo was published by someone hoping the year 2021 would turn around and improve.

Dr Now Instagram
Dr. Now Instagram

My 600-lb Life fans, however, took the photo to mean something different. They thought it felt like a tribute to Dr. Now. Possibly because he was now dead. Did the year 2021 just take this man from society? Fans poured into the comment section. Making it clear this post terrified them.

  • “Stop scaring me like that Dr Now!”
  • “Again….who running my friend page because i need to beat y’all azz for alwayssss scaring me with the background.”
  • “OMG THIS SCARED ME! Glad to know he’s alive.”
  • “I thought he died when I saw this post!!!”

We don’t believe he’s actually passed away

Based on the comments we shared above, we do not believe he actually passed away. The Instagram account posted another post after this one. And, there are a few Instagram Stories from around the same time. It would be unusual for the account to continue to be active if the post in the photo above was confirming Dr. Now is dead.

That being said, Dr. Nowzaradan is nearly 80-years-old. He was born in October 11, 1944 making him 76-years-old. Given his age, it makes sense why fans would be so jumpy at a post even appearing to suggest he might be dead.

For now, it doesn’t appear as if My 600-lb Life star Dr. Now is dead. But, the Instagram post definitely had fans freaked out.

Trisha Faulkner

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