‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Shares Workout Motivation

OutDaughtered Adam Busby and Quint

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby looks amazing and fit. And fans agree. But he struggles with juggling his time with the kids and staying fit. So, he devised a motivational plan. Sharing it with his TLC fans he also talked about how his injured leg recovers at the moment and mentioned the film crew. But in his photo, one of the quints photobombed him which made fans giggle.

OutDaughtered – Adam Busby hates working out in the dark

Adam Busby took to his Instagram on February 5 and shared about going to the gym. But he has a motivation problem. Don’t we all? However, as a busy dad of six daughters, he struggles with finding the time. In fact, in the comments section, he also mentioned that he’s a “business owner.” That came when someone asked him about his job in Dallas. Plus, he’s busy with filming for the show. And as fans know, he produces his own vlog on YouTube. So, he finds it difficult to fit in his daily workout.

That means getting up way early in the morning before anyone else is up and about. OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby also hates working out when it’s dark outside. So, he takes his energy drink before he works out. And then he takes another shot for recovery and muscle fuel when he’s done. In his caption, he noted that he “[gyms] before anyone in the house is up.” And it turns out that he doesn’t work out at home. Once again, in the comments section, he noted that the “production” team uses his garage right now. But one day he hopes to convert that into a home-gym.

Leg injury still worrying Adam

A few people asked Adam about his leg injury. Recall, back in October he suffered quite a debilitating injury. And he is slowly recovering from it. In the comments of his post, Adam said, “I’m able to get around, but certain movements are painful and I’m reminded to slow down. Currently working on strengthening it back slowly.” Well,  a lot of his fans wished him well with that. And a lot of them said he looks so good because he works out, that he could be “20 years old.”

Meanwhile, a few OutDaughtered fans giggled because, in his photo, one of the quints appeared behind him and photobombed him. One fan noted, “💪🏽 Someone is up behind you 🤪.” But, if you zoom in on the photo, it looks like he prepared the “recovery” drink at the time. So, he probably got home and woke the kids already. Actually, a lot of people get up early for their workouts. The Minimalist Mom notes that one person starts “at 3:00 a.m!” But, that takes sacrifices, so they skip evenings watching “Netflix” and messing around on “Facebook.”

'OutDaughtered': Adam Busby Shares Workout Motivation
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

Do you get up really early for your workout while it’s still dark? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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