‘MBFFL’ Chase Severino Baby Updates

MBFFL Chase Severino baby

MBFFL fans know that Chase Severino split from Whitney when he got another woman pregnant. For most of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life season on TLC, fans saw Whitney coming to terms with the rejection. And, somehow when Chase told her he didn’t plan on hurting her, it somehow made it worse. After all, they were engaged at the time. And, it’s not like men slip in-between the sheets by accident after all. Nevertlesselss, there’s a cute little girl involved and none of that is her fault. So, here are some updates about little Aurora.

MBFFL Chase Severino updates about Aurora

When My Big fat fabulous Life star, Whitney met Chase Severibo, she really didn’t want to be there. But, she needed some closure, possibly. So she met with him and he told her he still loves and cares for her. But, he felt that his priority lay in raising his baby. So, fans might give him some kudos for taking on that responsibility. Unfortunately, though, he most gets swamped by hate. And even Whitney asked fans to just stop with it,

Actually, a lot of fans feel sorry for Whitney. But others never believed Chase Severino really wanted to make her his wife. They feel he just hopped on MBFFL for five-minutes of fame. And some critics go to the extreme of suggesting that Whitney faked the whole thing with him. However, the baby arriving brought some drama to TLC. And most people picked their sides on it all. Recently, Chase started sharing more pictures of his baby girl on Instagram. So, fans see the proud dad out and about with little Aurora.

New photos of Chase Everino’s baby

Screenrant described the photos that Chase posted as “a baby dump.” After just seeing monthly updates, he spoiled his fans with plenty of photos of Aurora. Clearly, although he told Whitney Way Thore he never felt “ready” to be a dad, he gives his all to her. In one set of photos, Chase shared nine pictures, and about seven of them featured his gorgeous little girl. With her bright blue eyes and her big pink bow, she looked awfully cute in one photo, fans agreed.

And in another photo amongst the batch, Chase Severino reveals that she clearly takes after her dad. The MBFFL star really looks thrilled with his little girl. Then in another photo, Aurora sits happily in her dad’s harness down at the beach. It looks like Chase takes every opportunity to get down to the seaside. Mind you, Aurora looks too young to actually play in the sand just yet. You can see some of the snaps below:

MBFFL Chase Severino Baby Updates
Credit: Chase Severino | Instagram


What do you think of MBFFL star Chase Severino sharing so many photos of his baby girl, Aurora? Do you agree that she’s very cute? While you probably feel sorry for Whitney it seems fitting that she gets all the love she deserves, after all.

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