‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’: Life Is Good For The Kilcher Family

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Alaska: The Last Frontier follows the lives of the Kilcher family. Over 80 years ago, Yule and Ruth Kilcher fled Switzerland in an attempt to start a better life. After four generations, the Kilcher family is still going strong living off the 640-acre homestead. The Kilcher family must hunt, garden, and cleverly recycle to survive the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. The family must survive the elements as well as each other. They must avoid conflict between the old and young generations in order to work together as a family and survive Alaska: The Last Frontier.

The Kilcher’s Wonderland

Though things may be rough in the Alaskan wilderness, the Kilcher family always finds a way to make it beautiful. The Alaskan mountains are a thing of beauty anyone would love to wake up to. Eve Kilcher recently posted several photos to her Instagram account depicting the “playground” they live in. Fans flocked to the post expressing their amazement. “That’s a fantastic playground, have fun!” said one fan.

Kilcher Insta Pic
(Eve Kilcher Instagram Photo)

Even though the view is absolutely breathtaking, the Kilcher family has no intention of simply looking at it. Along with the mountain view, Eve Kilcher also shared a photograph of her son Findlay Farenorth Kilcher having some fun.

Eve Insta Pic
(Eve Kilcher Instagram Photo)

“Evening walks with my boy,” says Eve of the photo. Fans could not help but comment on how big the young Kilcher boy is getting.

Beautiful Alaska

Eve Kilcher is not the only member of the Kilcher family sharing their beautiful view. Atz Lee Kilcher recently shared a photo of the northern lights on his Twitter account. Atz Lee gives thanks for being able to spend time with his family and enjoy nature.

One fan expresses her amazement saying,

“The Northern Lights! WOW….so spectacular! This is on my bucket list before I kick it! Thanks so much for the share and enjoy that beautiful cabin that you and Etienne did such an amazing job building!”

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel is an amazing singer. Many fans of Jewel may not know that she is also the daughter of Atz Kilcher Sr. She recently made a post on her Twitter page expressing her honor in working on the Forever Words project. Forever Words is a tribute album to the legendary singer Johnny Cash. The album includes songs written by Johnny Cash that are performed by a variety of different artists including Jewel.

Jewel recorded the song Does Anybody Out There Love Me? for the album. She explains the reason for recording this song saying,

“”Does Anybody Out There Love Me?” was the result. His lyrics touched me, because who hasn’t struggled on dark nights, wrestling with anxiety or addiction or a floundering sense self worth … wondering if anyone out there loved them? I hope you enjoy it”

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