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Adam Busby Drops A New Video – Here’s How To Watch It

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Adam Busby promised his fans new content on his vlog soon. And, on February 4, he kept that promise. He popped up a nice 20-minute video on It’s A Buzz World. It showed the OutDaughtered family all setting off on a mini-vacay. TLC fans already saw quite a lot of photos of their trip. But in the vlog, Adam starts right at the beginning where they all prepared for the trip.

Adam Busby drops his new video content on It’s A Buzz World

We reported at the end of January, that Adam shared some photos on his Instagram account. It revealed the OutDaughtered family taking a break. The Busby family visited Williamsburg, VA for a short vacation. It looked like a very attractive destination. Actually, the mountains in the background made a perfect setting for some family photos. Plus, the place they stayed in looked warm and snug for the chilly weather. In the comments section, Adam told his fans that he planned a video for his vlog. In fact, he promised a series of about four of them.

Now, Adam Busby dropped the first one on his vlog. It runs for a decent amount of time. So, if you’re an OutDaughtered fan, it’s worth going over there and watching it. When the new video opened, Adam Bubsy showed fans that the house looked a bit chaotic. Everyone prepared for the journey. Except for Olivia, who already wore her backpack. She seemed excited as the bus arrived and was happy they would get to fly on two planes. Eventually, Adam rounded up the quints, Blayke, and Danielle and they set off.

Trip to Virginia to see some houses says Riley

Oliva said she had no idea what they would do in Virginia. But Riley seemed sure they’d look at some houses. She also talked about cows and shops and people-watching. Meanwhile, Parker sounded like she didn’t really mind where they went, as long they went. In fact, on the bus, she told her dad she didn’t even know where they were going. And that’s a sure sign of a veteran traveler. Actually, the Bubsy family travels a lot.

Soon, Adam Busby revealed that they arrived at the airport. Riley got left behind on the escalator, but soon ran to catch up with the rest of them. After eating a meal at the airport, they went to the boarding area. Riley seemed excited as her ticket had her name on it. Then she took over the Riley Cam and interviewed Hazel about her funny mask. And yeah, you guessed it: Riley was first on the plane. In fact, she sprinted there. Later, when they arrived at their destination all the kids enjoyed stuffed toys and sweet treats.

Nighttime arrival in Williamsburg, VA

As the family only checked in at night, Adam said he couldn’t show his audience “much for now.” But the next day, he revealed more footage. The Busby family set off for a walk around. But Ava instead insisted on wearing her backpack the whole time. Just like Daddy who carries his cameras, she wanted to twin with him in Williamsburgh.

There’s a lot more in the new vlog by Adam Busby and you can watch it below.


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