‘Star Trek’ Giant William Shatner Slams ‘Moronic People’ Who Believe Captain Kirk Is Bisexual

William Shatner hits out at people who think his Star Trek character Captain Kirk is bisexual

Star Trek veteran actor William Shatner hit out at what he calls “moronic people” who believe his character Captain Kirk is bisexual. Shatner took to Twitter to slam a fan who contrasted him to Star Wars veteran actor, Mark Hamill.

Fan calls William Shatner’s Star Trek character bisexual

Mark Hamill made a statement in a viral clip from 2016. He explains that fans are writing and asking him questions. Fans tell Hamill how they are dealing with bullies in school and are afraid to come out. Fans further ask if Luke Skywalker could be gay. Hamill tells them this is up for the viewer’s interpretation. Hamill says, “If you think Luke is gay, of course, he is.” The actor adds that you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, telling them to judge Luke by his character, not by who he loves.

Sharing a clip from Hamill’s video, a fan tweeted, “I’m usually more of a Trekkie but this is a hell of a lot more compassionate than @WilliamShatner refusing to accept Kirk could be bi.”

William Shatner responds

Shatner responded to the tweet, insisting that his character must be straight because he was first conceived in the 1960s. He wrote, “If Kirk were bisexual Star Trek would have never have happened. It would not have influenced Star Wars & it would be a blip in the history of the Roddenberry family. How is it you don’t understand the social constructs of the 60’s? Why did Stonewall happen in 69 if all was ok?”

Shatner wrote that he is “so tired of presentism & moronic people who continue to place today’s value systems on the past to judge.” He said they cannot comprehend the reason they have the freedom to judge is because of what brave people did in the past. Shatner closed with the words, “Education needs a wake up [sic] call.”

William Shatner refers to a Star Trek novelization

Shatner referred to a footnote in a Star Trek novelization written by creator Gene Roddenberry. This is where Kirk shuts down rumors that he is romantically interested in Spock. The captain’s exact words were, “I have always found my best gratification in that creature called woman.”

Speaking of the timeframe in which Kirk was created, Shatner said that he would never have been allowed to be bisexual on TV at that time. Meanwhile, Shatner wrote that all he said was that if Alex Kurtzman wants his Kirk to be bi, he is fine with that.

As noted by Pink News, the actor stressed that he wouldn’t “cowtow [sic] down to mob mentality wanting him to embrace something that didn’t exist at that time. Shatner closed by writing,  “It still doesn’t. So why are you upset?”

Another fan wrote that they can’t believe the guy with enough of a sense of humor to go into the homo room on Howard Stern is bothered by people imagining Kirk as gay. They wrote, who cares, adding that people of all fandoms like to interpret things in all sorts of ways. Why not let them?

When fans were offended by his comments, Shatner said, “Let them be offended. Kirk was a job not a way of life.”

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