Maddie Brown Bush Reveals Axel’s Gruesome Toys

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Maddie Brown Brush revealed that Axel plays with some gruesome-looking toys. And he apparently adores them. Maddie said they purchased one of them on “impulse” at “Halloween” but it certainly looks like Axel loves them. Nevertheless, Maddie fears that one day she might mistake something alive for one of those toys. Actually, it’s an amusing story, but it certainly looks like Axel Brush is a fearless little fellow.

Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb raise a tough little boy

Axel loves playing on the playground structures. And sometimes, he goes a little too high. Maddie likes to let him learn from his mistakes. But sometimes, she feels sorely tempted to step in and stop him. However, she’s no helicopter mom. And Axel seems well-adjusted and full of curiosity. So, it’s no wonder he takes such an interest in his gruesome-looking toys. The Sister Wives‘ star shared about it on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, February 3. So what lurks in Axel’s toy box that other kids might find rather scary?

In the three slides that Maddie Brown Brush shared, she asked her fans to “pray.” And that’s because one day she might find one of those things, think it’s a toy, and it turns out not to be one. Actually, if that ever happens, she might just about freak out. The box is full of different creepy crawlies. There are many types of spiders. And a praying mantis, crabs, centipedes, and more. And they look quite realistic. She explained to Axel how the spiders eat things like praying mantis beetles.

Cute Axel fascinated by the spiders

When Maddie picked up the praying mantis, Axel Brush sounded very cute as he tried to say the name of it. Instead of putting the gruesome toys away for next Halloween, it seems that they became something of a favorite for Axel. The Sister Wives‘ star said he plays with them and leaves them all over the house. So, she better hope she doesn’t try picking up a real spider to put in the box. Some parents might freak out that their kids play with scary-looking siders, but not Maddie. The TLC star won’t coddle her kids.

In fact, little Evie also got encouraged to explore her world despite her disability. And now, therapists say she met all her milestones so they no longer need to assist her. Recall, Evie arrived with FATCO syndrome. So, she underwent an amputation and the fitting of a false foot. Now, she dances, walks, and explores her surroundings the same any child of the same age.

Maddie Brown Bush Reveals Axels Gruesome Toys
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram Stories

Little Axel seems so keen on all those gruesome toys, that maybe one day Maddie Brown Brush’s little boy studies entomology. He might end up working with animals in parks or zoos one day. You never know where childhood interests might take a child, after all.

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