‘RHOC’: Kelly Dodd Selling Hamptons Home, Takes Jab At Stepdaughter In Process

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Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal are selling the Hamptons home where they first met. This is one of a handful of homes she has helped him put on the market since they met. As Dodd shared at the reunion it was real estate that kept her traveling during the pandemic. However, this particular listing has allowed for the RHOC housewife to retaliate against stepdaughter, Veronica. Is Kelly really good or bad for business?

Kelly Dodd: RHOC Businesswoman?

No one really knew what Kelly did for work when she joined the RHOC in Season 11. She had a turbulent marriage to Michael Dodd and was a hands-on mother to Jolie. A graduate of Arizona State University, viewers saw she was tight with her mother, Bobbi and her brother. But, it never appeared she worked anything other than her mouth. She was always getting into altercations with her fellow housewives. It was not until she and Michael divorced that she had a true business, Positive Beverage. It appeared she was a partner of this healthy sparkling drink and had invested some of her settlement into it the company. She heavily promoted them, wearing their merchandise and appearing at events.

But, after two seasons of heavy promotion on the Bravo show and her social medias, the brand dropped her. Apparently, it was an endorsement deal and her beliefs did not align with theirs. As part of the CEO’s statement, she said: “Unfortunately, we feel Kelly’s stance is no longer congruent with our core values.” Kelly wished them well but posted a negative post on her Instagram stories just hours later. The following day, she unveiled a collaboration with Uve Beauty. It’s been a business roller coaster. But, how can she go wrong with real estate?

Real Estate With A Side of Shade

Rick has owned his Hamptons home for twenty-five years now. Kelly is his third wife whom the anchor has shared this home with. It was listed yesterday for $1.395 million dollars with a heated pool, Tiki bar, and a rooftop deck. He has been renting the home out for the past nine years and is hopeful to one day build another Hamptons home with Kelly. “One day, if and when we move back East, we hope to buy or build another home for ourselves in the Hamptons.” When Dodd talked about selling the home on social media, she deemed it the perfect moment to take a jab at Veronica Leventhal.

RHOC Credit: Twitter @LoveAndyC
Credit: Twitter @LoveAndyC

Veronica is Rick’s eldest daughter. Last week, she made an Instagram video seemingly aimed at her stepmom all about racism and white privilege. It came just moments after Kelly declared she was black on the RHOC reunion. In the tweet, Kelly randomly refers to a tree tattoo and how her own daughter shouldn’t get ridiculous markings. This is when someone on Twitter responded that Veronica has a tree tattoo on her back. The tree comment was completely out of context but a way for Kelly to slide in a jab mixed with real estate.

Would you be interested in Kelly’s real estate or would you pass? Let us know in the comments!


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