‘Bachelor’ Kit Keenan Mad About How She’s Being Portrayed

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Kit Keenan is the youngest gal on The Bachelor this year. However, that isn’t all. She also has grown up in a pretty famous family. Now, she’s talking about how the show is portraying her and how she feels about that. Turns out, it isn’t all good.

Kit Keenan on The Bachelor

Kit finally got a one-on-one date with Matt James this week on The Bachelor. The two spent their time getting to know each other while baking together. Kit reveals a lot about her personal life and what it’s like growing up in the family she did Us Weekly says.

“Growing up, my mom being such a success story, I think that I was protecting myself and getting in touch with my emotions is something I’ve never practiced before,” She says to Matt on the date. Kit’s mom is Fashion Designer, Cynthia Rowley. “Being here and letting those walls down is the first time I’ve ever really had to be vulnerable. So, I think that’s the hardest part, is knowing once one wall is down, you get to see all of me.”

The two seem to really hit it off on their date. Since then, Kit has revealed that usually she leaves when a relationship gets too serious. However, with Matt, she didn’t feel the need to do that.

“In previous relationships, I get the ick real quick,” Kit says too former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin. “Once the relationship goes into, like, ’OK, this could be something very serious,’ usually I run for the hills.”

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Kit struggles with how she is portrayed

Because of her famous upbringing, it seems producers really wanted to play on the socialite aspect of Kit’s life. Of course, Kit has noticed this too.

“[The viewers are] only getting a one-dimensional character of who we all really are,” Kit says about the season. “I definitely came in strong night one with the whole Gossip Girl vibe and all of that.”

Honestly, as long as she really was herself while getting to know Matt James on The Bachelor, that’s all that matters. Who knows, maybe fans will be seeing a lot more of Kit. It does seem the pair had a great time on their date this week.

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