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‘RHOC’: Kelly Dodd Unveils New Business Venture

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She just lost her endorsement deal with Positive Beverage, but Kelly Dodd already has a new business venture. The controversial RHOC cast member just shared her collaboration with Uve beauty on Instagram. When she wished PB well, she mentioned her “next venture in the beauty industry.” We now know what it is.

Kelly Dodd: Losing Business & Maybe RHOC

Being controversial is what she is good at. But, it is starting to turn a lot of people off to Kelly Dodd. Her insensitive comments about Covid were triggering. She questioned if it was God’s way of thinning the herd but later said she misinformed abut the virus. But, she has also compared it to a more intense flu. Despite the fact her good friend, Emily Simpson and her mother, Bobbi have had Covid, she is often sans mask. At the Season 15 RHOC reunion, she questioned the validity of masks. At her bridal shower, may photos went up where her and her guests did not have them on. When they did, they were not socially distanced. She even had a wedding, albeit small, during the pandemic.

Recently, Kelly had a weekend celebration for husband, Rick’s 61st birthday. Guests were very close together and many on Instagram commented about Covid being inevitable. This past weekend, Kelly and friends gathered at a restaurant where they joked about Covid. They also say alarmingly close and were not wearing masks. Dodd clapped back saying they were all healthy.

Additionally, Kelly has been accused of being racist or tone deaf on racist issues. She shouted she was black at the reunion yet she was reminded she has only known life as a white/Mexican girl. Her own stepdaughter attempted to school her. Eventually, her social unawareness caused Positive Beverage to part ways with Kelly. And her OC contract is in question.

A New Beautiful Lease On Life

RHOC Credit: Kelly Dodd Instagram
Credit: Kelly Dodd Instagram

Kelly had a negative comment about PB in her Instagram stories from a supporter but took it down after eight or so hours. This was because she had something else up her sleeve. Tonight, Kelly took to Instagram to unveil her new collaboration with Uve Beauty. It is a line of antimicrobial brushes and beauty blenders as well as UV-C sterilization systems.

According to the website, the company started in 2017 and their mission is “To bring a new level of wellness and hygiene that empowers the cosmetics community to live clean, confident and free.” Never a huge proponent for science, I’m guessing Dodd has to believe in it now since that it what Uve whole foundation is built on.

Are you interested in her new collaboration or do you think it is time she take a social media break? Let us know in the comments!


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