Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart Celebrate Layla’s First Birthday

Carlin Bates and Layla

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart welcomed their baby Layla this time last year. On the occasion, of her first birthday, The Bringing Up Bates star wrote all about her feelings on Instagram. They married in February 2019. And ahead of Layla’s arrival, Carlin struggled with her chocolate cake cravings. Now, little Layla tucked into her own yummy treat.

Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart’s little Layla tucks into her birthday cake

Layla dominates Carlin’s social media these days. She churns out loads of videos and photos on Instagram and YouTube. And fans of Bringing Up Bates can’t get enough of her. Toward the end of her third trimester, Carlin noted, “Though there’ve been days of sickness, days of exhaustion, days of fear, days of anxiety, we recognize that it’ll be worth every experience just to welcome you into our world!” Judging by her posts since then, the young couple made a wonderful life for their little girl.

Carlin Bates’ baby arrived in the world with a worrying condition. She had a hole in her heart. Later, in May, Layla’s parents went through a heart-stopping moment when her oxygen dropped dangerously low. In fact, on her YouTube vlog, Carlin broke down. After she recovered, Carlin said that it was “the most terrifying” moment of her life. She got better, but the scares never ended there. At one stage, the UPtv stars contracted the coronavirus. Of course, they worried about baby Layla all over again. However, they all survived to celebrate her first birthday.

Carlin Bates Breaks Down As She Explains Baby Layla’s Oxygen Crisis After Hole In The Heart Diagnosis

First birthday, Carlin shares photos and thoughts

On Sunday, January 31, Layla ate her cake with gusto. Carlin shared nine photos. Before she demolished a good portion of it, the cake looked lovely. In white frosting with a pink band around it, she smiled a gorgeous smile as she swallowed it down. In her long caption, Carlin talked about how it felt like the “most significant moments” in their lives. She talked about how every facet of their lives revolved around their beautiful daughter since she arrived. She said, “this day brings both tears of sadness that she’s growing up so fast, as well as tears of joy that we’ve been able to share each moment.”

In the comments section, the Bates Family account replied. It read: “These pictures are terrific! What a great celebration and Layla is a doll! ❤️”

Of course, plenty of Carlin Bates’ fans also commented. One of them noted, “These pictures are so perfect! Happy birthday darling girl! 💕”

Best wishes flowed in from around the world. One person who lives in Europe wrote, “Wishing Layla a very happy birthday from France 🇫🇷 💗🎉🎉🎂🎂.”

Carlin Bates Evan Stewart Celebrate Layla's First Birthday
Credit: Carlin Bates | Instagram

Can you believe that a whole year passed since baby Laya arrived in Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart’s life? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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