Matt Roloff Fans Love This Social Distancing Idea

Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

Matt Roloff shared about how he and Caryn Chandler went out for a meal. And fans raved about the great social distancing idea put in place by the venue. It’s not completely clear that they remain in Arizona at the moment, but fans think not. After all, his recent posts suggest he might have returned to Oregon. So, potentially, the Little People, Big World stars visited the Bethany Public House in Portland, OR.

Matt Roloff and Caryn dine out in a pod made for social distancing

Caryn and Matt didn’t eat out for a long time. But as fans know, he keeps himself really busy, so he seldom finds time for that. Recently, he shared how he got some chairs in for both houses. And he works in his “war room” on his plans for their home in Oregon. We reported that he seemed ecstatic just the other day when his custom made Texas Pride Trailer arrived. Little People, Big World fans know that nothing delights his heart like machinery engineered to do a good job. In fact, he told fans he’d rather have that than any Porsche or Ferrari.

Well, with that excitement over, Matt Roloff and his girlfriend decided to go on a date out for a meal. On social media, he shared all about it. And he seemed very grateful that the venue made their visit as safe as possible. Not to mention out it was out of the wind and kept them nice and warm. Everyone knows that that patriarch of LPBW can’t stand the cold. Then in the comments, a lot of fans seemed thrilled with the idea of dining out safely and social distancing during the coronavirus.

TLC fans love the idea of the pod

Matt shared a couple of photos on his Instagram that revealed them not actually inside the venue, but in a pod. It looked a bit like a small greenhouse. He captioned it with, “thanks @bethanypub For getting creative and keeping us safe while we eat our ‘takeout’ dinner.” He also told them that friends of theirs sat in the neighboring pod celebrating their anniversary dinner. Matt added, “Seems like forever that we have had a date night out to dinner.”

In the comments section, one fan asked Matt Roloff if the pod was heated. And he said it came with a “small heater” in it. So, they didn’t freeze. The innovative idea appealed to a lot of people. One of them commented, “Those [pods] are cute!” And another one noted, “Togetherness but at least your…safe while eating out !!” Some people thought it not only cute but a great idea. And one of them hoped they could try the place for their own upcoming celebration.

Matt Roloff Fans Love This Social Distancing Idea
Credit: Matt Roloff | Instagram

What do you think about this idea of a pod that allows people like Matt Roloff to enjoy a meal but not actually sit inside? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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