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’90 Day Fiance’ Evelin & Corey Fight COVID-19

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Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber told their fans via Instagram Storie that they are both fighting COVID-19. But as the symptoms seem a bit worse, Evelin is starting to stress.

Corey’s running a fever, and they both feel very unwell. The 90 Day Fiance star says she racked her brains trying to figure out where they picked up the virus. She suspects it happened in Montañita.

Evelin Villegas and Corey get tested regularly for the virus

Evelin and Corey started off at the beginning of the coronavirus restrictions by going shopping for supplies. At the time, Corey noted that “the government…demanded everyone stay inside.”

They purchased some essentials and plenty of dog food. But it’s not clear that all businesses remained close. Since then, TLC fans saw people with the couple in Ecuador. Nevertheless, Evelin now seems pretty certain they didn’t get the virus in her environment. But they recently traveled, and so naturally she thinks that they got it somewhere during their travels. Notably, they get tested often in their home town.

Monsters and Critics noticed that Evelin Villegas posted about the virus in her Instagram Stories. She stressed then about the possibility of going into a hospital. After all, meds seem in very short supply in the country. Corey noted that they were into their fourth day with COVID-19. But it seems that Evelin stresses even more as she since posted again. And this time, she shared her worries on the main page of her Instagram on Thursday, January 29. She noticed that a lot of people say “mean things” about how they deserve the virus because they traveled. But right now, she worries more about Corey than 90 Day Fiance critics.

Corey runs a fever, Evelin stresses even more

In her long post, Evelin said that lots of friends and loyal fans sent in their best wishes. So she feels very grateful for that, But some “mean” people think they should never have traveled. So, she explained about wearing masks and social distancing. Finally, she concluded by saying they always took a lot of care. “So, the only place we could…[contract} the virus according to the maths is montañita.” And she noted that for “nearly a year” now, they took a lot of precautions. Nevertheless, she admits they really have no idea where they contacted COVID-19.

Expressing her fears, Evelin Villegas wrote, “Right now I’m worried, Corey has been with fever, we are coughing and having general muscle pain and a pain that feel like is inside our lungs. My anxiety is going very high even tho I’m trying to control it cause I know is no good for the immune system.” Obviously, she stresses very much because she noted that “many young people are dying” from the virus in Ecuador. And she also said that the medical system there is pretty much defunct.

Evelin Stresses As She & Corey Fight COVID-19
Credit: Evelin Villegas | Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance said how “scary” it feels. Actually, she sounds sick and very worried. Maybe critics should lighten up a bit. After all, nobody needs added ugliness when they fear for their lives. Do you agree?

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