‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany Santiago Updates WEtv Fans

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago

Love After Lockup cast member Brittany Santiago recently updated her followers on life in 2021. She and Marcelino Santiago are one of the most popular couples on the WEtv franchise. And there’s a lot of interest in them and what they’re up to off-camera.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago Updates Fans on Life in 2021

In an exclusive WEtv video diary, Love After Lockup alum Brittany Santiago talked about how “busy” she and her husband are a few weeks into the new year. The fan-favorite couple has a busy schedule with three young kids and two dogs. With that much on her plate, she said it feels like she has five children.

In addition, the Love After Lockup celeb added that she and her husband have some “big things” planned for the new year. Moreover, she added that they want to continue to further their progress – as well as their relationship. So it certainly looks like they both have their eyes on the prize with the new year underway.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago
Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago/Instagram

Brittany Slacking in the New Year?

Even though the WEtv pair have a lot they want to accomplish, Brittany Santiago was honest with fans. She said she fell off the wagon as far as her weight loss and diet are concerned. But luckily for her, the new year is young. And she has plenty of time to turn things around and get back on track.

The Love After Lockup star said that if you fall down 10 times, you get up 11 and “start over”. And it looks like that’s exactly what she plans to do moving forward. She said that once you start bad eating habits, it’s really easy to fall back into those traps – especially around the holidays.

Marcelino’s Love After Lockup spouse added that she splurged over Thanksgiving. And according to her, she has been “out of control” since. Still, she said she would get back on the keto diet soon. And that she will start exercising with her children, too. So it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on her as she kicks things back into gear.

Love After Lockup: Zoila - Giovanni - Rebel
Love After Lockup: Zoila – Giovanni – Rebel/Instagram

Love After Lockup Couple Want to Keep Their Children Healthy

Turns out, Love After Lockup couple Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago keep more than just themselves healthy. They want to teach their kids how to live healthy and active lives too. In addition to her young boy from her previous relationship, Brittany has a boy and a girl with her hubby. And it’s very important to her that they all stay healthy – even if they fall off the wagon sometimes.

As one of the most popular couples in franchise history, Brittany and her hubby certainly find ways to make their relationship work. And a lot of viewers wish her and her family the best in the new year.

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