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Carole Baskin Claims She Loved Her Ex-Husband, Would Never Hurt Him

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It’s definitely been a wild year for Tiger King star Carole Baskin. Around this time last year, virtually no one had heard of the big cat lover. Now, she’s a pop culture icon. Whether you love her or hate her, pretty much everyone is familiar with Carole Baskin, who is Joe Exotic’s rivalry. And they’re also familiar with the nasty rumors. Many people actually believe she killed her ex-husband Don Lewis and fed him to tigers.

Since day one, Carole Baskin refuted claims that she had anything to do with Lewis’s mysterious disappearance. It even became part of her storyline on Dancing With The Stars last season. Baskin recently told Fox News it’s been a “challenge” to deal with all the public scrutiny she’s under these days.

“It’s been a challenge with everything else that’s going on to have people accusing me of things that I know are untrue,” she shared. “If they did five minutes [of investigating] they would know [the claims] are untrue. They were so convinced by what they saw.”

Carole Baskin Doesn’t Believe Tiger King Portrayed Her Fairly

Since Tiger King aired, Carole Baskin adamantly said the show was very misleading and only showed one side of the story. Filmmakers virtually left out her story entirely. Instead, viewers watched as Joe Exotic controlled the narrative. And it didn’t paint Carole Baskin in a positive light at all. While filming the show, Baskin believed they were doing something like Blackfish but for big cats.

Fox News reports Baskin said that before Tiger King aired, only a handful of people antagonized her about her big cat rescue. Now, haters are everywhere. She keeps a virtual diary for anyone to look at and hopes it will help people see that she’s not the monster they think she is.

“I put links to court documents and conversations I had with police and all that information about the will and power of attorney being authenticated by three different firms who actually dealt with the original documents,” Baskin went on to say. “Those kinds of things can be found in my diary.”

But What Actually Happened To Don?

No one really knows what happened to Don Lewis to this day. But most people don’t think he’s alive any longer. However, his loved ones still want answers. Baskin went on to tell Fox News that in spite of everything, she loved her ex-husband and never hurt him.

“I loved Don and I feel like whatever happened to him happened to him because of the fact that he had such a problem mentally,” she asserted. “He just wasn’t able to make good decisions for himself and so if he were to be found, I would take care of him for the rest of his life and my husband Howie is the kind of person who would understand that.”

So what do you think? Do you believe Tiger King incorrectly portrayed Carole Baskin? Or do you think she’s the one being untruthful? We’re curious to see what you have to say.

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