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Christine Brown Reveals Theme Of Mykelti’s Baby Shower

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Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron celebrated their baby girl via a baby shower today! And, it looked like it was a bit of an atypical baby shower. Meaning it was not a girl’s only affair. Tony was present in the picture. And, fans noticed some of Mykelti’s siblings also attended the baby shower.

Christine Brown treated fans to photos of the event

Now, Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron are not very active on Instagram. But, her mother Christine was kind enough to share a few photos from the special event with Sister Wives fans. In total, her post contained four different photos from the baby showers. And, fans were thrilled to see them.

Christine Brown also revealed the theme of the baby shower in the caption of the Instagram post. Turns out, the theme of the baby shower was books.

This certainly explained what was presumed to be the gift table in the final photo in the collection. The final photo featured a table with an adorable mermaid baby blanket hanging from it. The homemade diaper tree Christine created for her daughter was the centerpiece of the table. It was surrounded by tons of baby board books. And, there were several stuffed animals. Noticeably, the stuffed animals paired with the books they were near. For example, there was a Curious George monkey sitting in front of a Curious George book.

Christine Brown Instagram

It quickly became clear Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron intend to submerge their daughter in a beautiful world of books as soon as possible.

Mykelti exposing her baby to books is wildly beneficial

According to Kid’s Health, there are a wealth of health benefits to reading books to babies. So, most Sister Wives fans appreciated seeing Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron so interested in baby board books. Reading books to a baby at an early age will help the child to understand communication. It will help the child build listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. It will even introduce the child to concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes much earlier in life.

As we previously reported, fans encouraged the parents-to-be to check out Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. They believed the free gifting book program would help!

Christine Brown Instagram

As those who have been following this pregnancy know, Mykelti Brown and Antonio Padron are expecting a baby girl. And, they have a due date in March of 2021. Here’s hoping the reset of the pregnancy goes smoothly and Mykelti has an easy labor and delivery! And, don’t forget to tell us what you thought of the book themed baby shower!

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