How ‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’ Began

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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch will air its 5th episode this Friday. The paranormal search for gold is taking its fair share of twists and turns. Duane and his crew briefly gained access to the cavern system. Chad comes across a large log box in the underwater cave. However, it has not yet been revealed what is inside. TV Shows Ace was able to get an exclusive glimpse into what is inside this mysterious box.

The treasure hunters are searching for a better entry point into the caverns. Along the way, they come across animal mutilations as well as strange footprints. They stumble upon these footprints and are chased away by an unknown being.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is proving to be an interesting ride.  Others speculate that the show is staged. Duane and his crew are being accused of lying about the things that are happening. Through all of the speculations and accusations, a question is asked. How did Duane Ollinger go from being a “well to do” Texas oilman to appearing on the Discovery Channel? Did Duane and Chad really sell everything they owned only to lie on the Discovery Channel? TV Shows Ace has the answer.

Duane Ollinger

A quick Google search will determine that Duane Ollinger was the owner of “Four Star Construction” in Dumas, Texas. This company has an annual revenue of nearly 1.5 million dollars a year. Why sell it all to buy a 160-acre ranch in search of gold and then lie about it all? Why did Duane decide he wanted to make it a reality show? Well, according to Milton Dailey, Duane never had any intention of doing so until Discovery approached him.

“Blind Frog Ranch”

“This whole thing started when I made this little video and Discovery Channel came across it.”

Milton tells TV Shows Ace “I knew Duane from a past real estate deal.” Duane contacts Milton about selling a property. “Milton you ain’t gonna believe what I’ve got,” says Duane. Duane tells Milton he has a 160-acre ranch in Utah that he wants to try and sell. Milton does some quick research and says to Duane, “We’ll be lucky to get 2500 an acre for it”. Milton continues to tell Duane they may be able to get more if there is good hunting on the property. The conversation seems to be a typical real estate discussion.

Duane Makes A Reveal

After what appears to be hesitation, Duane says, “You are about the only one I can tell the truth to, and you won’t laugh at me. I’m gonna be frank. It is a paranormal property.” Duane goes on to tell Duane of the bizarre things that have occurred at the ranch. Duane describes lighting strikes, weird turquoise lights, as well as, strange clouds that form “in the same place time and time again”.

Still not quite convinced, Milton asks Duane “Do you have any proof?” Duane tells Milton he has Lt. Colonals that will testify to the things that are happening. Duane sends Milton letters as well as photographic evidence. TV Shows Ace was able to obtain some of these letters as well as photographs including that of metal described as “not of this Earth”.

Milton makes several trips out to the ranch. One of the things Milton sees is a set of tracks. He describes each step as being approximately 10 feet apart. Milton tells TV Shows Ace that he has seen coyotes that can jump 10 feet to get a mouse under the snow. However, “no critter can go in a straight line for that distance”.

Courtesy of Milton Dailey
(Photo Courtesy of Milton Dailey)

Milton Makes “Blind Frog Ranch” Video

Milton makes a video to promote selling the “Blind Frog Ranch.” Discovery Channel happened to come across his video and contact him about the ranch. Additionally, Milton tells TV Shows Ace, “Duane had no intention of marketing the paranormal stuff” until Discovery approached him to do the show.

When asked if he believed the claims, Milton says, “If I didn’t know this guy so well and knew that he wasn’t crazy” then he would not believe it. “These are not like the goofballs up there in Alaska,” Milton says speaking of Alaska: The Last Frontier. “These guys are straight laser well-to-do folks.” Milton says there are too many locals that have told him to “stay away” as well as people describing “Blind Frog Ranch” as a “voodoo place” for him not to believe it.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch would not be possible without Milton Dailey’s video. We asked why Duane would give up his oil company to then lie about a ranch in Utah. Is it a lie? Or is it possible that he is telling the truth? You decide.

Be sure to tune in to Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Fridays at 10 PM ET and check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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