‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’: Paranormal Or Paranoia?

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has had viewers hooked since the series premiere on January 2. The series follows Duane Ollinger as he searches for gold on his 160-acre Utah ranch. With his son Chad, geologist Eric Drummond, and long-time friend “Charlie Boy,” Duane hopes to find a massive payday. According to Duane’s long-time friend and real estate agent, Milton Dailey, Duane believes there are “billions of dollars worth of gold down there.”

Fans are watching as Duane and his crew search for gold. However, fans are also watching strange and so-called “paranormal” occurrences. Animals are being mutilated, equipment is malfunctioning, and legends are being told by the local townspeople. However, is there something paranormal going on or is this a simple case of paranoia?

Ominous Clouds Over Blind Frog Ranch

In addition to the things fans have seen so far, there are some things that have yet to be seen. TV Shows Ace have obtained several exclusive pieces of information about the ranch. One of the things obtained are photographs of strange clouds that seem to have formed in the same spot multiple times. Milton Dailey spoke of the clouds saying,

“There was a strange cloud from nowhere that came right above that mountain. The clouds come in and out. They come in time and time again in the same place.”

Milton describes the International Space Station and says the scientists have been observing these clouds form in this area. TV Shows Ace is able to show you an exclusive aerial photograph of these clouds.

Courtesy of Milton Dailey
(Courtesy of Milton Dailey)

This photograph was provided to Duane Ollinger in an email that reads,

“Hi, Duane….
Here’s an update on the picnic area. Looks like Jerry finally got his pilot’s license!
I’ll update any photos that may come after the clouds dissipate.”

Energy Field

At the end of Episode 4 of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, we hear Eric Drummond talking about some sort of energy field. Fans are puzzled after watching the sneak peek of Episode 5. However, Dailey also spoke with TV Shows Ace about this energy field. He describes metal that is “not from this world.” He also tells a story about an incident that happened to the film crew that was caught on film.

“The film crew had two drones up in the air flying and covering things. One of those energy force fields kind of flashed out and crashed both of those drones at once.” 

Animal Mutilation

Fans have already seen several animal mutilations. The crew of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has come across animals that appear to be gutted as well as missing their heads. The locals say this is the act of Skinwalkers. According to the Native American culture, these are evil medicine men that can transform into predators such as wolves. Whatever is happening to these animals, it does seem strange that so much meat is left on the carcasses.

Is there really something paranormal going on or is it paranoia? You be the judge. One thing is for certain, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has fans intrigued.

Be sure to tune in to Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Fridays at 10 pm ET on Discovery as well as check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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