‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Fans Connect With Eve Kilcher

Alaska: The Last Frontier is in its 10th season. The Discovery Channel series follows the Kilcher family as they live and survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Originally settled by Yule and Ruth Kilcher over 80 years ago, the Kilcher family lives on the original 600-acre homestead. Brothers, Atz and Otto, lead the multigenerational Kilcher family as they live off the land preparing for the harsh Alaskan winters. Truly living off the grid, running water and electricity are not daily staples for the family. They must hunt, fish, gather, as well as farm. Most importantly, they must work together to survive Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Episode 11

In the last episode, adrenaline is pumping as the Kilcher family rushes to prepare for the upcoming winter. We also saw Atz Sr. stalking a bear and Otto coming to the rescue for a friend. However, Eve Kilcher is who got the fan’s attention. Like many parents, Eve has struggled with homeschooling her children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Eve opened up on the episode about the struggles she has faced. She seems to have touched the hearts of many fans who can relate to her struggle.

Since the last episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier, Eve has posted several photographs on her Instagram page.

Eve Kilcher Instagram Pic
(Instagram Pic)

Attached to a selfie, Eve writes, “In a beautiful wonderland skiing. Lucky me. Feeling so grateful.”

Fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier flocked to the post to thank Eve for opening up about the struggle so many parents are facing. One fan responded saying, “Eve! Thank you for showing your real emotions on last nights episode about home schooling. I am a teacher and have two littles at home and it is so hard…so hard…it is nice to know I am not alone! Much love!”

Another fan expressed her enjoyment of the episode and how impactful Eve’s testament was to her. “I saw the show last night and was so touched by you sharing your honest feelings about the Covid situation and home teaching responsibilities. I’m going through the same frustrations and mixed emotions and lack of good sleep”

Many other fans complimented Eve on her beauty. Others commented on the clothing Eve was wearing during the recent episode. They wanted to know what brands she wore and where they could get them.

Future Music Star?

Along with the selfie, Eve also posted photographs of her daughter Sparrow Rose Kilcher. Sparrow is playing in the snow in the photographs. Fans immediately commented on the photos with one saying, “She looks like Jewel in this shot.”

Will Sparrow follow in Jewel Kilcher’s footsteps? With as talented as the family is, anything is possible. Perhaps we will witness Sparrow’s rise to stardom on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Be sure to tune in Sunday at 8 pm ET and check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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