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‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Covers Up Tracie’s Tattoo

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Love After Lockup stars  Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman both have tattoos. But it looks like he now covers up any reminders of her. The news came from his new girlfriend, Gen Bailey via Instagram. Gen and Tracie Wagaman go through a bitter time as they fight things out on social media. Actually, it sounds like Clint and Gen would rather Tracie just gives up and goes away.

Love After Lockup – Clint changes his tattoo, increasingly angry with Tracie

We reported that things escalated between Tracie and Gen. Tracie slammed her in a recent Q&A and even suggested she never got divorced or signed any papers. But she moved on with a young guy in Vegas named Luke Loera. So, some WEtv fans wonder why she still kicks up such a fuss. Even if they remain legally married, she lives with another guy right now. And reconciliation seems very unlikely.

Love After Lockup fans commented about Clint on December 24, and Tracie answered a lot of questions in the comments section. There, she mentioned that Clint’s increasingly getting angrier with Tracie for her pot-stirring. She shares a photo of a tattoo and captioned it with, “Clints new cover up.” Then she adds, “Unfortunately, I have the same sign as wigwam so Monday he and I are adding our initials.” Of course, “Wigwam’s” a play on Tracie’s surname, Wagaman.

Gen Bailey discusses Tracie and Clint

When someone giggled about the name “Wigwam,” Gen Bailey replied, saying, “well they watch me like a hawk so this was a tame name.” Then, another fan commented, saying, “Tattoo is bomb. like you said YALL KNOW WHAT ITS FOR. if he wanted it for her he wouldn’t cover up her name.”

Love After Lockup fans then saw that Gen replied to that. She wrote, “tracie can’t shut up so clints pissed so he’s going back on Monday.” Presumably, he intends to erase his ex from every place on his skin that carries reminders of their unfortunate relationship.

When one critic suggested the lines on Clint’s tattoos looked shabby, Gen said, “I like it. Its nice and it is a resemblance to leaving a past going into a future,(sic).” Clearly, Clint and Gen definitely move on from Tracie, and Clint won’t look back.

Love After Lockup Clint Covers Tracie tattoo
Credit: Gen Bailey | Instagram

Tracie on OnlyFans

Many fans support Gen and Clint. After all, Tracie started her OnlyFans, and apparently, these days she and Luke Loera entertain those people inclined toward that sort of thing. Screenrant reports that many fans felt a bit upset when she advertised on her main Instagram for the Onlyfans. In fact, it all seemed rather too racy for many of them. Since then, many more Love After Lockup fans seemingly transfer their allegiance to Clint and Gen Bailey.

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