Kathryn Dennis Cliffhanger Shocked Fans On ‘Southern Charm’ Season Finale

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The last time fans saw Kathryn Dennis, she had taken a very important test. This is something Southern Charm fans have seen before. Kathryn started Southern Charm finding out she was pregnant with her first child. Now the season finale had her waiting for the results of a pregnancy test and, of course, fans aren’t shown the results. Talk about a good cliff-hanger.

Kathryn, who has two kids with ex Thomas Ravenel, has been dating Chleb Ravenell. The twenty-nine-year-old came out with the news they were dating in October. They’ve been seen on each other’s social media since then.

Kathryn Dennis Had A Lot To Get Off Her Chest

Kathryn Dennis introduced her kids to Chleb. A source said he was good with the kids, according to People. Chleb posted a picture of Kathryn and her daughter, Kensie, at his family’s house around Thanksgiving.

Dealing with pregnancy so early in a relationship might make for an awkward season premiere when the show returns. Kathryn also faced her friends about the racist comments she’d made, including sending a monkey emoji.

She said, “The last thing I want to do is offend anyone.” Leva Bonaparte told her she said things that were “deeply hurtful to me and people I love.” Kathryn said it had been wrong. She said, “I said the stupidest things. There’s no explanation for that.”

The Reality Star Is Trying To Move Forward

When Kathryn Dennis sat down with her friends she told them she felt she needed to clear her name. Her friends told her they wanted her to learn from it and make different choices. Leva said Kathryn can change, or “continue to be what we expect you to be as a Calhoun.”

Kathryn said she wanted to move forward and show people she isn’t racist. Madison Simon replied she would have to “do the work.” Previously nervous to talk about race on the show, Leva has embraced her role. She said it made her happy the show was tackling things that were uncomfortable.

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She’s In Great Shape At This Time Of Her Life

Kathryn posted a picture of herself looking fit in a pink workout suit. The caption said, “Wings grow strong once the cage is gone.” Fans want to know how she lost the weight. One fan said, “she uses Madison’s trainer and he does food services for them.” The user said the trainer is pretty hardcore.

Fans will have to wait to see what happens with the test. What do you think of Kathryn trying to turn over a new leaf? Do you think she can escape the stigma her family has in Charleston? Comment with your thoughts below.

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