Watch Confused Todd Chrisley Feel Sexy In New Tool Belt [Sneak Peek]

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An unlisted sneak peek from new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best featuring Todd and his “sexy” new tool belt was uploaded to YouTube about a week ago. The sneak preview was recently discovered by news outlets. And, it is currently making rounds on social media. The short video clip features a very confused Todd Chrisley struggling to figure out how to use his brand new tool belt (complete with new tools). He, however, admits to feeling really sexy while wearing it. Likewise, he loves that it matches his outfit.

Watch a confused Todd Chrisley rock his sexy new tool belt

In the video below, you can see Todd Chrisley interact with his son’s Grayson and Chase. Initially, the scene is just between Todd and Grayson. Grayson is supposed to be building a soap box cart. And, he wanted to complete the task with his brother. Later on in the clip, Grayson explains to Chase that his friends are all doing this with their fathers. So, naturally, he just wanted to build a soap box cart with his father too.

Chase hysterically fires back asking his brother if he’s ever met their father. Doubling down on the fact that he doesn’t believe their father is capable of building anything. Check out the hilarious Chrisley Knows Best sneak peek below.

The reality TV dad thinks the belt looks great on him

As Todd got Grayson to help him fasten the tool belt, he commented on how tight it needed to be. Boasting about his tiny waist. Those knowledgably to tools couldn’t help but notice Todd’s safety googles were specifically for production during welding. Moreover, he wasn’t doing a great job of properly identifying the names of the tools.

Grayson tried to pull his dad back to reality a bit by reminding him it didn’t really matter how the tool belt looked on him. That wasn’t the point.

The clip transitioned shortly after to Julie and Todd Chrisley sitting on the couch together.

“I may have never built a soapbox car, but I know I look hot in a tool belt,” Todd was quick to point out. Julie, however, decided to call attention to her husband not knowing anything about tools. She quickly asked if he could name any of the tools he carried in that belt.

He replied: “A bunch of stuff that the guy at The Home Depot taught me about. I don’t know what they’re called, but I got ’em.”

Chase enters and tries to shut things down

Chase Chrisley enters the chaos and immediately compares Todd to a minion from the Despicable Me movies. He questions what they are doing. And, points out his father has no idea how to use these tools. Todd Chrisley, however, seems to feel otherwise. He fired back he built Chase just fine.

Chase added his father was a brilliant business man. But, he had no business working with tools.

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He ends up proving Chase’s point when he tries using the drill and the drill bit flies out. Ultimately, it takes all three Chrisley boys to get the drill bit secured to the drill.

For everyone’s safety, many Todd Chrisley needs to put the tool belt down. Perhaps someone else needs to help Grayon build his soap box cart.

Tune in to new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET.


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