Jessica Shannon Dragged For Weight Loss Product Promotion

Jessica Shannon

Mama June Shannon’s daughter Jessica took to Instagram to flaunt her weight loss recently. She did so while promoting a weight loss product. A product Mama June also frequently peddles on Instagram. Unfortunately, Jessica Shannon’s promotion of the weight loss product was not well-received by her followers. In fact, they were quick to drag her over it.

Instagram drags Jessica Shannon for pushing a weight loss product

Now, her Instagram followers were quick to clarify their intention was not to body shame Jessica. In fact, many made it clear they were not talking about what weight she did or did not lose. Likewise, they were not really discussing her body at all. Their interest was in the promotion of the weight loss product. Her followers felt she was connecting her successful weight loss to the product she was promoting. And, they didn’t like her decision to do that. The argument is she was giving credit the product didn’t deserve. And, she was tricking people into giving it a try.

In fact, here’s what some of her followers had to say.

  • “please point out where I body shamed 🤣🤣🤣 Shes trying to sell a weight loss product, claiming it’s working, but she’s clearly sucking in. I never said there was anything wrong with her body, but nice try 😂”
  • “Your promoting this product but it’s obvious you had a tummy tuck your bellybutton is a dead giveaway.”
  • “She looks the same in each picture she is just sucking in her stomach in one.”
  • “Stop sucking in your stomach!”
  • “All u did was change ur shirt and then sucked ur belly in hahaha.”

Has she actually lost any weight?

According to InTouch Weekly, all of June Shannon’s children have been working on weight loss. And, this includes Mama June herself. Instagram, however, doesn’t believe Jessica has actually lost any weight. Many argue she is simply turning to the side a little, put on a different shirt, and sucked in her stomach while snapping the photo.

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One follower slammed Jessica for promoting such a “garbage” product.

Her and her sister have forgotten where they have come from and the struggles. They should be ashamed to promote garbage and to come from a poor background and know that people out there struggle daily and look for ways legit way to lose weight and they promote this. And yes she had weight loss surgery and skin removal that is why her belly button looks that way. For them to try to lie to people and get their money and another of people that really can’t afford it and believe this crap then buy the product only to find out it is a waste. I my self have not bought this product but have friend that have struggle so much and spent so much money only to be disappointed and out the cost. Shame on the Shannon family.”

Did she have weight loss surgery?

Many fans of the Shannon family think the promotion of this product is shameful. Why? Well, because Jessica had weight loss surgery. And, she shouldn’t give credit to a product instead. Truthfully, Jessica spent a little over $80,000 on a makeover. Her makeover included weight loss surgery, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

Jessica Shannon Instagram

There is no denying most members of the Shannon family have shed some pounds. The question, however, is whether the product many members of the family choose to promote had anything to do with it. Followers of the family on Instagram certainly don’t seem to think so.

Do you think she should stop pushing the weight loss product? Share your thoughts with us.

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