‘My 600-lb Life ‘Update On Where Christina Phillip is now?

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My 600-lb Life star Christina Phillip was young and grossly overweight. She looked for help from the world-famous Dr.Nowzaradan. She had great success on his strict program but not everything went as planned for the young reality star. Let’s see how she is doing now!

Where it all started for Christina Phillips

Christina at the age of 22-years-old weighed in at a massive 708 lbs when she first appeared on My 600-Lb Life. unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything on her own, she was totally dependent on her family and husband Zach to help her do the basic task. She found hope with Dr. Nowzaradan or Dr. Now. He put Christina on a strict diet and recommended exercise before she could do gastric bypass surgery.

Showing The Doctor that shes ready

Christina lost enough weight to convince Dr. Now that she was ready for the surgery. While she was excited to be taking the next step in getting healthy, it didn’t seem that her husband felt the same way. Christina was ready to be independent but Zach wasn’t ready for her to lose her dependency on him. Her husband’s reluctance didn’t faze Christina and she went on with the weight loss surgery. However, She and Zach got divorced but Christina ultimately carried on her journey and she lost an amazing 525 pounds.

Christina Phillips Facebook Photo
Christina Phillips Facebook Photo

A new issue arose for Christina Phillips

Christina looked great and was feeling great too. She was looking forward to skin removal surgery. Unfortunately, Christina had developed issues with her body image. “Lately any time I see the scale go up, I tend to freak out and I stop eating for a couple of days,” she admitted on an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? After seeing a therapist she put on a few extra pounds to be eligible for the procedure. Christina had the surgery and was down to 172 pounds. As stated by an article by Meaww

The fear continued for Christina

Christina continued her struggles with food for months. She was so afraid of gaining back the nearly 600-lbs she lost telling viewers “When I was 700 lbs., I felt worthless, and like I didn’t deserve anything better than the life I had. And now my fear of gaining weight has crippled me. But I have to move past that fear if I want to live my life,” she said. Regardless of her fears she continues to work through her issues and is doing better every day! She recently was able to finish a 5k race and fans of Christina’s is so proud of all the progress she’s made!

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