Abbie & John Duggar’s Daughter Grace Grows Up Fast

Abbie John Duggar baby Grace (2)

Abbie & John Duggar welcomed baby Grace into their life just over a year ago. And she grows up so fast. For TLC’s Counting On fans, it feels like yesterday when they saw Abbie make her pregnancy announcement with the other Duggar ladies. Grace came a long way from the tiny little girl who weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces on January 7, 2020.

Abbie & John Duggar recently celebrated Grace on her first birthday

We reported that Abbie and John sounded thoroughly delighted with their baby when she arrived. It’s not clear if they plan for a lot of kids. Actually, Abbie worked as a nurse, so maybe she plans a return to her career one day. But, they don’t practice any sort of contraception. So one day, Grace might get a sibling. Cafemom reported in December that many fans think the couple already expects a second child.

Fans suspected that Abbie might hide a pregnancy as in their Christmas photos, she wore a long sweater and hid her abdomen with her arm and hand. If she is, sooner or later, the Duggar family reveals the good news. In the meantime, on the first birthday of Grace, the Counting On couple shared some photos of their little girl. And, in her cake-smashing celebrating, Abbie & John Duggar’s daughter showed a lot of enthusiasm.

Abbe John Duggar Baby Grace grows up
Credit: Abbie and John Duggar | Instagram

From tiny to so cute in a year

On Father’s Day last year, the Counting On stars shared a photo taken soon after Grace’s birth. In the post below, fans can see just how small she looked. Of course, they share plenty of other pictures of their adorable daughter. One showed her on her tummy at five months old. She looked ready to get more mobile. So maybe soon, fans of TLC will see her start walking unaided already. explains that kids usually start walking at between 12 to 15 months. So, if she isn’t already toddling around, it might come very soon. Usually, kids hang onto tables, chairs, and even mommy’s legs as they “cruise” around the room. That precedes that actual momentous milestone where they suddenly get it and never look back. Once kids like Abbie & John Duggar’s daughter Grace figure out how to flex and balance, they soon get the idea. Before they know it, she’ll be zooming around all over the place, no doubt.

Abbie John Duggar baby Grace
Credit: Abbie and John Duggar | Instagram

If your baby doesn’t walk until about 15 months, there’s no reason to fear, The outlet explains that sometimes, a more cautious personality might take things a bit slower. After all, not every child’s a born risk-taker.

What do you think of the two comparison photos in this article? Can you get over just how quickly Abbie & John Duggar’s daughter Grace seems to have grown? Sound off in the comments below.

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