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Jessa Seewald Solves A Problem In Her Kids’ Room

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Jessa Seewald takes to YouTube to share an update about her kids’ room.

Jessa Seewald Has To Solve A Problem In Her Kids’ Room.

In the introduction of the video, Jessa explains that she’s spent some time trying to figure out how to make the bedroom space for the kids’ room work. While it seems like bunk beds would be an easy solution, it wasn’t as easy as Jessa had hoped. The problem stems from the fact that Jessa also wants to utilize a queen size bed in this space. Notably, this is important to her so that her family’s guests have a space to sleep. Ultimately, the young mother realizes that she needs a loft bed over the queen-sized bed. Hopefully, this design plan works.

She Comes Up With A Solution.

Bravely, with both young boys in tow, Jessa documents her trip to Lowes for supplies. Both young men are very eager to help their mother. Thinking quickly on her feet, she lets Henry hold her purse.

While picking out lumber, Spurgeon narrates the trip. He says, “Well, this is a fun day.” While he doesn’t seem too enthralled, he also says, “We’re going to make a bunk bed for us.” All the while, Henry gets more and more excited.

Probably one of the most relatable comments Spurgeon makes is “My mask.” Then the camera spins around to show that his mask slipped below his nose. At one point Jessa tells the boys to put the mask up on their noses. Given Spurgeon’s earlier reaction, they hear that a lot.

Does Everyone Approve Of The Final Project?

Once they have all their supplies, the Seewald’s get to building the bedframe. Jessa even lets Spurgeon help. In another relatable moment, when they go to move the mattress, they find a plethora of things under the bed. In order to keep the kids entertained, Jessa tells them to take everything out to the living room.

Ultimately, the mini room makeover is a success. It seems that Spurgeon takes some of his favorite things to the top bunk with him. Henry on the other hand seems a little apprehensive about the new sleeping arrangements. While Spurgeon is giving the grand tour, Henry points out that he wants little sister, Ivy’s bed to be his.  Once all the kids get a tour of the upper bunk, they all seem to be on board.

Kudos to Jessa Seewald for coming up with a sleep solution for all of her kids. Additionally, she gets to keep the bed for her guests. What do you think about her solution? Let us know in the comment section below. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite Duggars.


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