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Danielle Busby Having A Boy? ‘OutDaughtered’ Mama Spills Her Thoughts 

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Is Danielle Busby interested in having a baby boy?  Are the Busbys interested in having more children? The OutDaughtered mama took to her Instagram Stories recently to spill her thoughts.

So, does Danielle Busby want to have a boy (or more children)?

Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories recently to request her followers ask her questions. This is something celebrities and reality TV stars often do with their Instagram Stories. Fans can submit questions. And, the celebs can pick and choose what to answer. At this time, Danielle has not answered any of the questions. But, she told fans yesterday she was working on it.

She, however, wanted to address one question in particular. Well, a variation of the same question. Toward the end of her series of video clips about Hazel and Parker’s dance class… Danielle Busby said she was working on answering questions while waiting for the dance class to end. She, however, could not wait to answer one question.

Turns out, a lot of fans were asking questions about having more children. More specifically, they wanted to know if she and Adam wanted to have a boy. After all, fans certainly get a in tizzy every time Danielle mentions her “baby boy” on Instagram. Even if she’s only referring to her dog or her clothing boutique.

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Danielle Busby can’t have anymore children

Admittedly, Danielle Busby found the question of whether she wanted to have a boy to be amusing. Why? Well, because it did not really matter if she wanted to have a boy. Of course she and Adam would love to have a son. Wouldn’t anyone with six little girls want that?

But, physically, Danielle Busby cannot have anymore children. For medical reasons, Danielle Busby had a hysterectomy. And, this would prevent her from having anymore children. Sadly, this means no, she is not having a boy. And, she cannot have anymore children.

Now, this does not mean they cannot have more children

In May of last year, Adam and Danielle discussed having more children during an interview with US Magazine. They were quick to remind fans Danielle could not give birth to anymore children. They, however, would not close the door on the idea of adopting a child completely. Adam and Danielle admit they are open to the idea of expanding their family via adoption.

Danielle added: “If that’s something God puts in our heart and it’s something we get called and led to do, we’d follow that.”

Shop’s closed. It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt.”

Adam and Danielle want it to be clear they cannot conceive anymore children. But, they would adopt if their hearts and faith willed them to do so.

Watch the video of Danielle’s response for yourself

The downside to Instagram Stories is they expire in 24 hours. Fortunately, the video was uploaded to a TLC Fan Page on Facebook. So, if you haven’t had a chance to watch the video. You can click this link to check it out.

What do you think about fans badgering Danielle Busby to have more children? Do you think they need to drop it? Share your thoughts on the Busby family having more children in the comments.

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