‘Bachelor’ Fans Trash Matt James’ Fashion Sense

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The new Bachelor star Matt James is a tall drink of water. Ripped abs, chiseled jawline. He’s the perfect man. Almost. Fans of the show love almost everything about Matt James. Except his fashion choices. 

What are fans saying? 

Matt James as The Bachelor

When Matt James was announced as The Bachelor last summer, fans were taken aback. First of all, unlike his predecessors, he had never appeared on any Bachelor Nation shows. He was originally meant to pursue Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette, but ABC reversed course. 

Additionally, he faces immense pressure as the historical first Black Bachelor lead.

Despite their skepticism, which included calling him “awkward,” he quickly won fans over once he graced their screens. Just a few episodes into Matt James’ journey, fans are already all-in with the former football player. However, a few recent posts on the official Bachelor Instagram to promote the show left fans scratching their heads. And calling for a stylist to help a guy out.

Matt James Fans React to ‘Girl Jeans’

In the episode airing Monday, January 18, fans will get an up-close glimpse at the outfit in question. But those who follow the official IG already got a preview. In one photo, ABC promotes the upcoming episode with a photo of Matt James mid-walk. The caption says, “Walking into a new episode […] like…” 

Matt James seemingly took a peek at Bachelorette contestant Brendan Morais’ closet. In the photo, James sports a white turtleneck under a blue denim jacket. But his impressive physique is overshadowed by his jeans. Or jeggings, as one person called them. 

It looks as though he painted the jeans on. To make the look even worse, the bottom of the jeans are rolled up. He completes his outfit with white sneakers…and no socks. 

Credit: The Bachelor ABC Instagram
Credit: The Bachelor ABC Instagram

Matt James is a good-looking guy, but fans wonder about his fashion sense. Some of the comments include:

  • The most ridiculous outfit!!
  • Hey wardrobe? Help needed!! 🙀🙀
  • He looks like the cucumber from veggie tales
  • God those jeans look stupid on him. Uggh.
  • Why is he wearing JEGGINGS???? (Jean leggings…. Remember those?)

But one fan asked the question we are ALL wondering: 

Please tell me why he is wearing girl jeans???

Poetry-Slam: Bachelor Style

In another promo photo, he sports the same look, but stands in front of a microphone, reading from a notebook. 

Credit: The Bachelor ABC Instagram
Credit: The Bachelor ABC Instagram

Entertainment Tonight reports that the women vying for Matt James’ heart will be writing a “love story” based on how they envision their relationship with James. And then, it appears that the ladies will read them ALOUD for all to hear. 

The outlet reports that “Queen” Victoria’s story is quite racy. 

The episode will also feature Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC. Head over to our Facebook page and drop a comment with your thoughts on Matt James’ fashion. Is what a man wears important when it comes to dating him or not? 

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