‘Unexpected’ Anthony Vanelli Arrested Again

Unexpected Anthony Vanelli arrested

Unexpected star Anthony Vanelli, Rilah Ferrer’s baby daddy landed up arrested again. And it’s probably not going to be an easy road with courts this time as it allegedly involved a gun crime. Recall that Rilah Ferrer alleged that Anthony got physically violent with her. Later, no weapons came as part of his pre-trial diversion.

Unexpected Anthony Vanelli not the only TLC star arrested

The cast of TLC brings along some bad boys. Max Schenzel ended up arrested twice for domestic violence against Chloe Mendoza. He currently sits in jail. Plus, Shayden Massey also met with the police and the inside of the cells at least twice. In fact, he claimed that he split from Lexus as she cheated on him during a sojourn with the police. Most of his lawbreaking involved driver’s license issues. But he also faced possession of drug charges at one time.

Now, Anthony Vanelli ended up inside again. So, the Unexpected star might be treated with a bit more severity than last time. While some TLC fans thought he escaped punishment last time, it’s not completely true. He basically landed up under parole conditions. Importantly, Starcasm revealed that Anthony faced a big task of staying squeaky-clean. And if he needed a weapon, he also needed a formal request submission.

Gun crime involved allegedly shooting at someone

The @tlc.unexpectedtea account on Instagram shared about Anthony’s latest arrest in Orange County. The record reveals police booked him on January 15. And, it involved a weapon. The admin of the account wrote, “another one in jail 😫😭. And this time it’s for shooting at someone.” Notably, Anthony, still a young man, visited the courts more than once. And, he never reached his 20th birthday yet.

The Unexpected dad of Malayah certainly seemingly engages in violent activities. That seems a bit sad as previously, he attended counseling and an anti-battering course. And Starcasm revealed that on his Instagram he comes over as extremely aggressive. Fans reacted to the news about Anthony Vanelli and his latest arrest. Possibly because fans saw a rather quiet on the TLC show, one fan felt a bit shocked. They wrote, “dk why this one shocked me. lmao he don’t strike me as a shooter 🥴🤣.”

Unexpected Anthony Vanelli arrested again
TLC Unexpected | Instagram

More reactions on Anthony’s arrest

One TLC fan noted, “Why am i not surprised!” And another person talked about his relatives who also ended up arrested in the past. Another Unexpected follower commented, “I find it hilarious that all of the dads who played the victim are the ones in prison.”

A lot of fans tagged Rilah Ferrer about the post. But as another fan noted, she probably feels really bad right now. After all, Anthony Vanelli is the father of her daughter after all.

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