Where Is ‘My 600 LB Life’ Star Steven Assanti?

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TLC’s long-running series, My 600 LB Life, has given us the most memorable, shocking, and life-changing stories of everyday people who are battling with their weight. Of the many stories, Steven Assanti’s abusive character back in the Season 5 finale was definitely one for the books.

In the episode, Steven was on a weight loss journey with his brother Justin and it showed a man who would not only refuse to follow Dr. Now’s advice to a better him, but he also roped in the clinic staff into enabling his reliance on pain medication.

He and his brother eventually toed the line and they both now enjoy fitter and better versions of themselves. Justin has reportedly posted on Reddit and Facebook that he and his brother are not on speaking terms and each is living their life apart for now. But what about Steven?

The Elusive Steven Assanti

Ever since his double appearance on the show, Steven has continued on his weight loss journey albeit very privately. He does not own any social media pages but has many fan channels and pages on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, which shows that despite his villainous appearance, he had some loyal fans.

For years, he had a channel called Steven Assanti AKA FATBOYGETDOWN where he posted dance videos and other content. At present, the channel has a little over 700 subscribers and the content has been taken down. But re-upload channels such as KB have them for fans to still connect with the elusive star.

Steven Assanti

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His Private Life

While he does not have active social media pages, he married Stephanie. The two met online during his weight loss journey. They are parenting a daughter from a previous relationship. Stephanie was a firm defender of Steven’s but it is not clear if they separated or not. Stephanie’s Facebook page, last updated in early 2020, shows that she is still married.

Youtuber, WiLLo Davis, has been doing a few videos on Steven Assanti. In an October 2020 video, he shared the latest updates and sightings of Steven in public. The most popular post about his public appearance was on Reddit. It is alleged he was seen with his wife, Stephanie, shopping at Target in Des Moines, Iowa.

Another Reddit post according to WiLLo shows an image of Steven and Stephanie seemingly happy together. “Seems he has been kind of silent. Maybe he’s done, y’know, with the spotlight…Maybe he is trying to get out of his contract with the show…if you hear anything, you come back to me and let me know, OK?” says WiLLo as he closes his video on Steven.

Steven Assanti is the elusive My 600LB Life alumni that will be hard to forget… and who needs to get on social media to update his fans on his life.

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