‘OutDaughtered’ Twins Ava & Lulu Get Big Girl Hairstyles

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OutDaughtered twins Ava & Lulu went for new hairstyles and they look all grown up like big girls. Their mom, Danielle Busby, laments the loss of her “babies” who grow up so fast now. Actually, all the quints go for cuts from time to time. And lately, they allow the girls choices on their haircuts. Riley likes her hair a bit longer and it seems that her twin sisters also prefer that. Plus, Hazel loves her long red locks.

OutDaughtered twins Ava & Lulu look so grown up with new hairstyles

We reported that sometimes Danielle wishes the kids would choose slightly shorter hair. When she took Riley and Blayke for cuts in September last year, Riley wanted her hair long. So, she insisted on just a small trim. But her mom wished she’d take a bit more off. Maybe it’s a hard job keeping all the quints’ hair done nicely when they wear it longer.

Anyway, Riley got her own way back then. And now it looks like Ava & Lulu also desire long and beautiful hair. And, there’s no denying they look lovely with their big girl styles. Actually, Olivia posed beautifully and she already got the professional camera smile just perfect. Certainly, the future beauty of these girls shines through. One day, the OutDaughtered mom and dad will have a handful of stunning young women by the looks of it.

Big girl styles for the TLC twins

No longer babies the quints turn six in April this year. But the twins look older than that now some fans think Danielle shared the photo on Instagram. There she wrote, “Can someone tell me where my babies went 😢 Twinkie haircuts today! And @wanderlust082685 gave them big girl locks today.”

Well,  a lot of OutDaughtered fans reacted to photos of the twins, Ava & Lulu. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “They look so grown up!”
  • “Too beautiful these girls are the most beautiful things 💗💗💗💗.”
  • “Stunning. And so grown up!”
  • “Ava on the left and LuLu on the right? OMG they are so grown up!!”
  • “All grown up.”

On Forums Perimeter, one fan wrote about a year ago, “I love that Ava is the mommy’s girl and the lower keyed of the twins.  She seems like a tender little soul.” But speaking of Olivia, they noted, “crazy Lulu …always makes us laugh…Lulu has the makings of a super tomboy. You rock Lulu!!”

OutDaughtered Twins Ava Lulu
dbusby | Instagram

Well looking at the photos above, it seems that the tomboy went out the window. Now, OutDaughtered twins Ava & Lulu look poised and very much on the way to becoming stunning women.

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