Fans Question If ‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’ is Fake

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The new reality show on Discovery Channel has fans wondering if Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is fake or not. A lot of reality shows get questioned like this by fans. If you haven’t caught the show yet, Duane Ollinger bought a 160-acre ranch in Utah. It is known to have gold and silver in it. The thing is there are rumors that there could be more on the land. Scans did show flooded caves under the property and of course, they had to get to work. His son Chad is helping him while looking for the treasures at Blind Frog Ranch.

Reddit users say the show is fake

This thread on Reddit started out when the show aired a few weeks ago. So far, three episodes of Season 1 of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch have aired. It started with one user saying that the way they pulled the treasures out of holes felt very fake to them. Another user compared it to the show Curse of Oak Island which has been trashed for being fake as well. The big thing that a lot of people commented about is how they brought up a gold coin, that simply looked fake.

A lot of viewers in this thread make it clear that they feel like the show is fake or at least parts of it are. The guys are going to have to speak out and prove them wrong. One thing that was talked about in the thread is that there are easier ways to do a few things they do, but it is all about making a great show.

Is this show fake?

Regardless of if you think the show is fake or not, they are really out in the area and looking for gold. They did find a piece of gold pretty easily in the first episode. One thing to remember is that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was purchased because he thought he would find gold, silver and maybe even more on the land.

TV Shows Ace actually spoke with Chad Ollinger exclusively about the show. It does turn out that a lot of local people don’t like what they are doing. They are afraid that it could mess with the spirits. Chad also shared that they find something great this season. That could be enough to prove to fans that it is really depending on how it goes down.

Don’t miss new episodes of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch when they air on Friday nights on Discovery. They are hoping for a Season 2, but no confirmation is out just yet. So honestly is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fake? Fans may never know for sure.

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  1. It seems fake. The son is not that great an actor !! A mix between Curse of Oak lsland and Skinwalker – seems contrived !! But I am open minded. Would love to have the main characters undergo professional lie detectors.

    1. Yes very very fake and funny. The box in the cave under the water you can see they are not old no axe marks looks like a chainsaw cut them .they could get the logs tested too. No it is so fake it’s funny

      1. Where is OSHA in this program? Going in without scuba, no two way communication? Try to drag the whole “box” out when they could have sent the diver down the bore hole to collect samples. Way too much stupidity in the program. At least Oak Island has worker saftey. I’m done with this show!

  2. I just finished watching Episode 1 of season 2— I instantly recognized actress Jill Adler as their “archeologist”–kinda hard to forget her face and voice from some Hallmark movies. On her SAG resume, she lists a guest starring roll o n this show. Doesn’t speak much to authenticity, does it?

  3. Really they act like its a HUGE ranch….. its 160 acres (1/4 mile by 1/2 mile max) my inlaws had a bigger farm we hunted on foot….

  4. Watching the most recent episode … way too dangerous to go down the hole because of radiation… so they don these huge radiation suits and go down the hole. seems legit … except they just showed that none of them are wearing any gloves LOL!!! All of the “mysterious” stuff happening with other people breaking in or trespassing all seems so staged it’s laughable. I’ll stick to Oak Island … at least that seems somewhat plausible.

    1. Has no one seen how fine the ropes are around the boxer in the cave, after 500 years? and what is this strange technology that can see a diver in real time on a screen when they have just scanned the cave, did they get it from aliens, it is not on earth anyway. What a fucking nonsense program, we in Sweden just laugh at it.

  5. The last episode was just sad, they send 3 people into the mine when one would have been way safer. they never checked for radiation even though that was the point of the suits. For some reason, all the shots were on a fake night vision goggle green filter or close-ups MTV Fear style which didn’t make any sense or ever explained. The cave is clearly man-made. They spent way too long counting lines rather than just taking a pic. ran low on oxygen and they panicked and ran out.

  6. Yeah, primitive fake! All the way. Drilled hole in a stone to put Iridium in it. Look of the stones they got from the chained saw cutted wooden box in the underwater cage, didn’t fit to the iridium filled one. In super slow motion of my DVD-Player, at the outside of the fake-stone on the table, in parts of a second I can see the iridium filled drilled ductend, leading inside the prepared stone. No surprise, to split it with a hammer and find that material. Needless to say, that there was or is any iridium underwater.

    The last Episode of Season 2 made me angry. What a perfect basement floor in a studio made cave. Walls of the cave and passageways nice splashed with kind of fluid beton. Perfect modellmaking illusion and … Lol … to gain time for more scammy episodes, they came up with the non convincing story of dangerous gas clouds and way too much radioactivity value metered by aGeiger counter. But the rate wasn’t shown to the TV viewer. Huhh! At the end they may find golden painted lollys in Season 3. No thanks. I will hang on with Oak Island. They will find some treasure pieces. May be loaned from a Canadian Museum to make their nice history lessons round.

    Conclusion (in my opinion): Poor story, boring loser-type characters or sort of unemployed amateur actors or real unlucky fortune hunters. Except the wise actor, playing the role of a scientist with his magic acid drops. Uhgg! Lol!

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