Busby Quints Spend Their First Allowance, Fans Question Parenting

Busby quints with Danielle

The Busby quints really grow up fast now. From big girl hairstyles to earning their own allowance, it’s all happening in League City. Nearly six years old now, it looks like Adam and Danielle teach the OutDaughtered kids about responsibility and rewards already. The family all went off to Target and the girls spent their own money for the first time.

Busby Quints so grown up, they earn their own allowance now

If you missed a few seasons of OutDaughtered on TLC, you may feel shocked that they earn their own allowances already. Perhaps you feel blown away by the big girl hairstyles that the twins, Ava and Lulu, sport. No longer babies, even Danielle laments their baby years. No more diapers, no more potty training, and no more teething issues for these kids. Now growing into self-confident young women, fans love watching their personalities emerge.

Danielle took to her Instagram on January 16 and shared about spending their allowances. The Busby quints earn their allowances. So, it’s not like a gifted bit of pocket money by the sound of it. Danielle said in her caption, “What an experience… The girls [start earning an] allowance.” She mentioned that this weekend they set aside time for a special shopping outing. Danielle joked about how it took “hours.”

Busby quints and Blayke shopping
dbusby | Instagram

Shopping with the quints’ allowances

In her Instagram Stories, Danielle revealed the kids shopping. Certainly, it seems most of them chose toys of some sort. In the comments section, some TLC fans seemed a bit shocked the girls already earn an allowance. Amazed, one of them wrote, “omg are they already earning an allowance? they are growing so fast 🥺.”

Then, as Danielle said they earn their money. One fan asked for ideas on “chores” for little kids. Well, fans know from Adam and Danielle on Instagram that they all make their own beds these days. And possibly, they help out with other tidying chores around the home.

Some Busby quints’ fans thought six years old seems way too young for earning an allowance. But, over on scholastic.com, they talk about the importance of making choices and learning the concept of money. The outlet recommends parents start at around the age of five or six. However, they caution against paying the kids for standard daily chores or for good grades. Rather pay them for additional tasks. And, try not to use the money earned as a disciplinary tool. So, the quints may not be too young after all!

Busby quints spend first allowance
dbusby | Instagram

Danielle and Adam Busby certainly seem on the right track when it comes to the OutDaughtered quints learning about responsibility and money management.

What are your thoughts on kids learning their own allowance? Do you think five or six seems way too young? Sound off in the comments below.

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