‘The Bachelor’ Exec Robert Mills Dishes On Queen Victoria, Religious Issues

'The Bachelor' Matt James via ABC Instagram

Leave it to Nick Viall to get the dirt on all the drama already taking place on Matt James season of The Bachelor. ABC executive Robert Mills once again appeared on Nick’s podcast, The Viall Files,  to talk about controversial Queen Victoria and Matt’s group prayer. Both topics have gotten a ton of attention from Bachelor fans across the globe. And, Mills was actually shocked by the response he’s seen over the prayer portion of the premiere. Read all about what he had to say below.

Robert Mills dishes on the controversy surrounding prayer

First of all, Mills did not think Matt’s prayer with the ladies would be such a huge topic for discussion. US Weekly shared all about what he had to say on the subject.

Mills started off by saying, “I didn’t expect [the prayer] to be such a hot-button [topic] of interest. And I actually understand some of it, [when people ask], ’What if this had been someone of a different domination?’” He continued, “I have heard somebody say in the prayer, like, ‘Please either bow your head in the manner you’re accustomed to or whatever.’ But this is a guy, he just met 32 women. … The fact that he didn’t tell people, like, ‘Hey if this is not OK with you.’ … He didn’t mean —”

At that point in the interview Nick stepped in and said, “It’s just a prayer, it’s not going to burn you.” Nick feels Matt was simply setting the stage for the things that are important to him. Matt has made it clear in past interviews that while religion isn’t a deal breaker, his Christian beliefs are very important to him.

While speaking with Mills, Nick went on to say he can understand there may be some uncomfortable with it. He also said Matt should be able to address religion if it’s something important to him in a relationship.

In an earlier interview, Matt did say, “Just because I don’t share the same religious view as somebody doesn’t mean I see them as any less of a person I could be compatible with.” He continued,  “But I think it’s important that they know where my peace comes from and where my decision making is rooted in. We’re both trying to figure each other out.”

Queen Victoria and all her drama

Another huge topic among Bachelor Nation fans is Queen Victoria. She hasn’t gained a ton of support from fans or the ladies on the show. Victoria has definitely set herself up as the villain this season. In fact, many fans believe Victoria Larson’s drama was planted by production to cause drama.

However, Robert Mills weighed in and said Victoria is absolutely not putting on an act. He believes certain reasons shape a person’s personality. He said fans probably won’t learn too much about why Victoria is the way she is during The Bachelor. Mills did say he is very curious and perhaps Chris Harrison will address it with the queen. And, he did mention Paradise. So, perhaps fans will be seeing Victoria on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Mills also noted that Victoria does have a very interesting way of dealing with the other ladies.

Episode two ended with a “to be continued” as Sarah felt light headed. While Victoria didn’t receive a rose at that point, fans can clearly see her in the previews for week three. Looks like Queen Victoria will be gracing television screens another week!

Stay tuned for more updates on Matt’s season of The Bachelor. 

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