‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Finn Slices Into Steffy and Liam With Dagger Eyes

Bold and the Beautifu - Finn - Steffy - Liam

Bold and the Beautiful viewers got their first look at Finn as Steffy tells him about her night with Liam but what comes next is a shocker. One of the first things that the fans notice is the change in Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) facial features. A  darker Finn emerges and even Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) seems to back off a bit.

Bold and the Beautiful – Liam Spencer Is On His Knees And Finn Zones Out

Steffy Forrester got her chance to tell Finn about doing the deed with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). At the same time across town, Liam is on his knees begging Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) for forgiveness. Liam finally got the words out to Hope and she explodes. But once she contains herself, she agrees to work on her marriage at some level. Hope agrees to salvage what’s left if that’s even possible on today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode.

Hope also warns Liam that this is going to take time. But the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind the viewers this is before she learns her stepsister is pregnant. A baby in the mix will change everything for Hope. Her explosive reaction to Liam’s reveal surprisingly spiked, peaked, then came back down in a matter of minutes. Again, she doesn’t know about the pregnancy.

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer Confesses to Hope Logan

When Steffy tells Finn she slept with Liam, his face changed and he zoned out for a minute. It seemed his mind went somewhere, as he wasn’t present for a minute or so while Steffy talked to him. Did the good doctor slip off into that dark place that Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to? Finn’s eyes looked like daggers as he fixated on something other than Steffy in the room. His anger seemed to distort his face, giving him a darker look. It appeared even Steffy was taken back for a second with the quick change.

Steffy Forrester’s Words Don’t Hold Water For Finn

Both Steffy and Liam present their cases to Finn and Hope. But neither Hope nor Finn buys everything they say. Hope tells Liam it’s like she feels stabbed. The first place of all places he runs is to Steffy’s house. While she believes Liam loves her, she also believes he loves Steffy as well. So, when Liam gets this baby news out to Hope, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest the chance of forgiveness becomes very slim.

Finn probably makes the best case of all this week on Bold and the Beautiful. As soon as Steffy tells him about sleeping with Liam, Finn drifts off somewhere else with his eyes fixated on an object in her living room.

Steffy tells Finn she is in love with him. She also explains while Liam will always be part of her life because they share a daughter, it’s Finn she wants in her future. Steffy didn’t do a good job of explaining just why she bedded down Liam. Finn understood Liam’s mindset after he thought he saw his wife embraced in a kiss with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). But he didn’t understand why Steffy felt compelled to sleep with him. He believes she needs to take care of him.


First, those eyes of Finns slice that picture of Steffy and Liam apart on Tuesday’s Bold and the Beautiful.  Next his words do a number on that photo. Finn asks Steffy if she really has that image on the wall so her daughter will see her parents together and happy. Or is it for something else? Perhaps it keeps memories alive for Steffy?  Both Hope and Finn make good points with Liam and Steffy and they put each of them at a loss for words.

Bold and the Beautiful: Where Do They Go From Here?

While Hope seemed willing to push forward with Liam, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest the news of the baby changes everything. For Finn, he rationalized Steffy’s night with Liam in her bed as a night that happened before he was engaged or married to Steffy. But now that they commit to each other he wants to know this won’t happen again.

Bold and the Beautiful - Hope Logan - Steffy Forrester

So, it sounds as if he is willing to move forward with Steffy. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that this too becomes complicated when Finn finds out she’s pregnant.

While Steffy and Finn continue with their relationship, it’s Liam he targets, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. There’s a dark side of Finn about to emerge and for a little while, no one sees this but Liam. This adds more worries for Liam because no one sees this dark side of Finn as he grows closer to Steffy and her daughter, who is also Liam’s daughter. The spoilers also indicate he warns Liam to stay away from Steffy. It also looks like Hope is gunning for Steffy after the dust settles.

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