Catfight!: Things Get Physical As Contestants Fight Over Matt James

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Things get physical on the new episode of The Bachelor – literally! A new promo shows that things get heated with the ladies vying for Matt James’ heart. Things always get tense between the women, but it rarely goes this far so early in the season.

What do we know about what goes down on tonight’s episode? 

Wedding-Dress Clad Women Play ‘Capture the Heart’ 

The end goal for The Bachelor is to marry Matt James. However, in only the second episode of the season, the ladies are picking out their wedding dresses. 

A select few were chosen for a group date with the handsome bachelor. Then, the women had a choice of their own to make – picking a wedding dress. Reminiscent of The Bachelorette’s wedding shoot with Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark, the ladies posed with Matt James. 

But the date didn’t end there. Entertainment Tonight reports that The Bachelor host Chris Harrison had a twist up his sleeve. The ladies would battle it out in a special version of “Capture the Flag.” 

The rules of “Capture the Heart” were similar, with the ladies splitting up into two teams. Instead of a flag, they were after a heart-shaped object. 

The outlet reports that Kit and Serena C. were among the women on the group date. As the promo shows, a shocked Matt James looks on as the women battle it out for his heart. 

Matt James Teases Fans With Blindfold First Date

Matt James is working overtime to promote his season of The Bachelor. He took to his Instagram to share some spoiler pics for Episode 2. In the first photo, he is blindfolding one of his suitresses, Bri.

In the caption, he teased fans with the idea of a blindfold date with him. He wrote, “I blindfold you, take you on our perfect first date.. where are we headed?” And fans had some thoughts. 

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown hit up the comments with an “Ooooh.” In fact, Bachelor Nation fans have started shipping the idea of a Hannah Brown/Matt James romance. Some of the other comments include:

  • Breaking out blindfolds and it’s only episode 2???!!! Let’s goooooo ha🙌🏻
  • ATving and horseback riding in Costa Rica
  • Chik fil A ♥️
  • To the mountains! Or wine country!
  • Back to 2019

His post got many replies from #TeamBri fans who think she should be his final pick. 

Credit: Matt James Instagram
Credit: Matt James Instagram

But not everyone liked the preview photos. Several people commented, chiding Matt James for posting spoilers. However, one follower defended James, saying ABC likely tells him “what and when” to post. Additionally, they pointed out a new episode promo already aired on television. 

Where would you have Matt James take you on a first date? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Be sure to follow our Bachelor Facebook group to chat with other Bachelor Nation fans. 

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues Mondays on ABC. 

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