‘Unpolished’ Jennifer Gives Fans A Martone Home Tour

Unpolished Jennifer

Unpolished fans heard that Jennifer Martone’s husband Big Mike passed away. Her many fans sent in a lot of condolences when the news came out. So, for now, her big home might be a lonely place for her. Fortunately, Bria and Matt stay ever on weekends. And, of course, Lexi won’t ever abandon her mom. Anyway, why would she? In her home tour, Jennifer revealed it’s packed with mementos that the kids enjoyed all their lives.

Unpolished, Jennifer’s husband Big Mike passed away, so he’s not in the house tour

We reported that unfortunately, Big Mike missed Bria and Matt’s wedding as he passed away. He battled with cancer for a while and finally succumbed to his illness. Terribly saddened when the news emerged, many condolences pour in on almost every post the Martone family make. But the lovely home tour brought in a lot of chuckles and admiring comments. Bria Martone Mancuso shared the clip on her Instagram this week.

TV Overmind reminds readers that “the ‘larger than life’ Martone family originate from Long Island, and will likely call it home the rest of their lives.” And, they seem like a very “close-knit Italian” family. So, the Unpolished home becomes a special place. Clearly, Jennifer loves the memories from when the kids were younger. She keeps a lot of things in it from their childhood. And, she already thinks about Matt and Bria producing a baby. She already makes sure the toys are ready for that.

Home tour reveals a well lived-in space

The Martone home certainly looks exactly like what it is: a home, rather than a house. Every room reveals something the kids loved. For example, from tiny to giant nutcrackers, Bria’s younger passion remains on permanent display. As does Easter Bunny and Santa, and an obscure Joker. Jennifer met the cameras at the front door, as she would any visitor, and explain where they meet and greet. Behind her, a staircase swept up to the next level. Then she progressed to another room where Bria and Matt stay on weekends.

The den proved that the Unpolished mom defiantly loves cushions. She explained that every couch in the house comes with a least 10 or 20 or more “pillows.” Family photos, drapes, and comfy seating with golden lighting make for a warm and comfortable ambiance. Jennifer joked with Bria though, She doesn’t hang Bria’s art up. And the Unpolished mom told her that’s because she’s a terrible artist.

Unpolished Jennifer Martone Hom
Bria Martone Mancuso | TLC | Instagram

Memories under renovations

Preserving memories seem especially important for Jennifer Martone. She revealed a nice modern-looking dining area with a huge table. But underneath the new tabletop, the original remains. Jennifer explained that over the years, Lexi spilled so much nail varnish and remover, that it got ruined. So, she topped it with the new one. But she knows that underneath there, the emerging nail artist’s mess remains under her roof.

What do you think of the Martone home tour? Do you agree it looks like a warm, welcoming, and special family space for the Unpolished family? Sound off in the comments below.

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