‘Unpolished’ Foxy Grandma Strictly Under Lockdown

Unpolished Foxy Grandma

Unpolished fans met Foxy Grandma in Season 1 on TLC. And, they see more of her in the next season that premieres on Tuesday. But, Lexi Martone’s adamant that her grandmother stays completely safe with COVID-19 around. So, she enforces a strict lockdown for her. Even though fans see the salon reopen, Foxy and Joe can’t escape Lexi’s watchful eye.

Unpolished Foxy Grandma and Joe stuck at home on lockdown

We reported that in Season 2 on TLC, fans see the salon reopen. Closed for a while because of the COVID-19 regulations, the rather eccentric Martone family took a bit of a hit. But now, they reopen, and Lexi’s back creating amazing nails, providing facials, and more. In fact, everyone works hard getting ready, even Bria’s new husband who Lexi disagrees with. Her mom, Jennifer, and Grandma Foxy took to their car with a loudhailer telling everyone the good news about the salon reopening. Notably, though they never stepped out of the vehicle.

You might recall that Lexi spoke about Foxy Grandma last season. E! Online reported that Lexi said, “My grandma has been doing hair for 40 years.” Not only that, she cut and styled hair for clients in her home-based salon. Sadly though, Lexi explained, her clients were really old, “like 100.” So they passed away.  Nevethloress, all this style and fashion obviously originated with the elderly Unpolished star.

Lexi also explained why they call her Foxy Grandma. It’s because she’s, “Foxy” and can tease “an afro” on a bald person. But she probably won’t be making too many hair miracles this season on Unpolished, as Lexi enforces a strict lockdown.

Teaser reveals Foxy Grandma at home

On January 9, Lexi shared a teaser on her Instagram. In it, fans saw Lexi drive into her grandma’s yard. Lexi told the camera, “the coronavirus [hits] the older generation hard.” So, she added, “I gotta keep my grandma Foxy safe.”  She went on and explained that she provides everything Foxy needs, including doing her shopping. So, she’s not “letting [Papa Joe] and Foxy out the house.” In fact, Lexi’s locking her down, no matter what the official guidelines might be.

Obviously, the lockdown makes the Unpolished grandma feel a feel bit isolated. She said that she really just wants “to hug” everyone. Anyway, Lexi brought them news of the family and stayed a while to chat as they unpacked the treats she brought for them. And, the banana cream pie went down very well.

Unpolished Foxy Grandma under lockdown
TLC | Instagram

If you didn’t know, Foxy Grandma from Unpolished enjoys her food. And, she helps contribute her cooking vlog for Lexi’s YouTube. She makes the videos and Lexi helps her upload them.

Maybe Foxy Grandma makes the most of her lockdown to create more delicious recipes for the enjoyment of TLC fans to watch.

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