‘Unexpected’ Fans Drag Reanna Cline’s Lack Of Maturity ‘Below Her Actual Age’

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Unexpected star Reanna Cline isn’t expected to have the maturity level of an adult. But, fans of the TLC series do expect the young mother to act her age. Unfortunately, most fans agree Reanna has made it clear she isn’t even willing to do that.

Who will be in the delivery room?

As TLC reminded us a few hours ago on Instagram… A new episode of Unexpected airs tonight. According to the caption, we know Reanna Cline is only allowed to have one person in the delivery room with her. This puts her in a pretty rough spot. Why? Well, because she wants her mother in the delivery room. But, for obvious reasons, her baby daddy Taron also wants to be in the delivery room? Who will she end up choosing? Sounds like fans will find out during tonight’s episode!

Likewise, the synopsis of the episode reveals Taron will threaten Reanna Cline with court if she keeps his baby from him. So, Taron is doing his part to make it clear he wants to be in the baby’s life regardless of his relationship with Reanna. But, does she feel the same way?

Unexpected fans drag Reanna Cline, think she should be more mature

In a comment liked over 150 times, one Unexpected fan notes Reanna Cline really needs to be more mature. This fan recognizes she is still a child. But, her maturity level could at least match her age.

Her maturity level is of a 5th grader. I know they are young but I think she’s acting really immature years below her actual age.

The critical comment above had many fans who agreed. In fact, some thought saying she had the maturity of a 5th grader was “generous.” One individual noted their preschooler has a higher level of maturity. Another individual called her a “brat.” Moreover, they felt bad for both Taron and Reanna’s mother. Fans felt both the mom and the baby daddy were trying to make it work. While Reanna was acting like a toddler.

Should Taron take her to court?

Unexpected fans do not appear bothered by the court threats. One individual noted Taron “SHOULD” take her to court if she doesn’t allow him in the delivery room. Fans could not understand why she wouldn’t allow him to see the birth of his own child.


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“Why does this little girl absolutely hate her baby daddy” It’s so uncomfortable to even watch their scenes.” Another fan chimed in.

Here’s hoping some of these questions get answered during tonight’s episode of Unexpected. Tune in and let us know what you think down below!

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