‘Mountain Monsters’ Continues Without Trapper, What to Expect Season 7

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Last week on Mountain Monsters, viewers got to see a huge tribute to John “Trapper” Trice. Sadly, he passed away and is no longer with us. He died at the age of 72. Now, it is all about finding a way for the show to go on without him. Fans are glad that it will continue.

Mountain Monsters moves on

John “Trapper” Tice died in December of 2019. This was right after Season 6 was done airing. Now it is time for Season 7 and the show must go on. Television producer Colt Straub explained there is a lot of adapting they are used to doing. Right now, everyone in television is having to make changes due to COVID-19. This show has been on since 2013 and even without Tice they will find a way to make it work. Changes are coming though.


They did all start doing this together about ten years before the show even started. Now, they are just chasing monsters with the cameras chasting them at the same time.

What to expect in Season 7

It turns out that before the death of “Trapper” he made sure the guys had one more mission to go. There is a video of him telling the guys that they are the best hunters out there. It is obvious he has faith in them that they can do the job they set out to do. Trice says it is time to go after The Wolves of West Virginia. It will be very interesting to see if the guys from Mountain Monsters can get it done or not.

You can tell the guys are excited for sure to be out on the hunt. Now, it is all about if they are able to find The Wolves of West Viriginia on this season of Mountain Monsters or not. They are in Tygart Valley and they want to prove that there are wolves there. You know that everyone in the area would like to know what is true about the wolves as well. They are even sure that they are seeing something out there, so this season they could jsut find a monster. You don’t want to miss it as they even set up their own trap to try and catch the wolves.

Don’t miss watching new episodes of Mountain Monsters on the Travel Channel. They air each Sunday night. This week there is a maarthon all day long of past episodes as well.

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