‘Mountain Monsters’ Makes a Big Move: Where Can You Watch It Now?

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Tonight on a new episode of Mountain Monsters Trapper’s granddaughters showed up with his journal. She passed it on to them and they felt like it was time to go on with their journey looking for monsters. The journal appears that it was done in a way where he knew that he was going to be leaving them. Trapper was older when he passed away.

Episode 1 of Mountain Monsters reveals the show must go on

Tonight on a new episode of Mountain Monsters they went to look and find The Wolves of West Virginia. This is something that they found in Trapper’s journal. It had details and it was time for them to go look for them. Luckily, this gave them their next monster to go after.

Trapper had even seen a wolf in West Virginia himself. It was believed that there were not in the area at all, but it turns out that he doesn’t think that is true. Instead, he told them exactly where to find them. The guys of course had to go out and look for them. Trapper says it was 1974 when he came into contact with one.


Of course, they went to West Virginia to try and prove that wolves are in that area. They heard noises, got their guns and went out to check for wolves right away when they got there.

The show moves on

As viewers were watching Mountain Monsters tonight on the Travel Channel they found out that the show is moving. This was the big Season 7 premiere. this is the only episode of this season on television. Instead, you will have to download and pay for discovery + to watch the show now. On the bottom right-hand corner of the television, it said, “Mountain Monsters is moving. New episodes only on discovery +.” If you weren’t paying attention, then you probably thought you could just watch a new episode next week on the Travel Channel. Every so often a small banner would come up on the bottom of the television letting you know as well.

Later at the top of the screen, it explained that you can steam discovery + now starting at $4.99 a month. This shows that you won’t be watching the show for free. There are also a lot of other shows that come along with discovery + if you do decide to purchase it to keep up with Mountain Monsters.

Don’t miss watching new episodes of Mountain Monsters on Monday nights. They will now be on discovery +.

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