Jacob And Isabel Roloff Miss Being Free Amid Pandemic

Jacob and Isabel Roloff of Little People, Big World are missing being on the road. In their latest post on the travel Instagram page they share, they wrote ,”when we were free as birds.” The picture is Jacob standing outside the van they loved traveling in. A fan asked why they stopped and the response was, “because there was a global pandemic lol.”

Isabel is a free spirit as evidenced by her secret Instagram account where she shares her art. She’s a yogi in training and studying art therapy. She paints alcohol prints to express herself creatively. Jacob and Isabel are perfect for each other as they both prefer being on the road and nomadic.

Isabel Roloff Has Been Missing The Road For A Minute

A week ago Isabel Roloff shared a picture with Jacob in front of the van. She captioned it, “Oh how we miss the road.” She’s clearly had travel on her mind lately, as a lot of people who miss it have. One fan commented on the latest picture going with her bird comment, “heal. Savor. Embrace your stillness. Your next flight is going to feel AMAZING.”

They took a trip for their honeymoon to Colorado. Isabel mentioned they wrote about the trip in detail on their Patreon. The van they travel in has a lot of convenience built in. For example, there’s a stove inside. There’s a picture of Isabel making soup next to it.

They Involve Their Followers In Their Traveling

They had just started really traveling when the pandemic started. The couple posted on Instagram while they were dreaming of the next adventure, they wanted followers to help them decide where to go.

People suggested tons of great places. One said Nova Scotia while another said New York. Fans shared places to go all across the US and the world. One fan said, “wherever you go; be safe, be well and thanks for taking us along!” Another commented, “y’all need to travel the the Midwest and enjoy all the views on the way.”

The Couple Shared Their Resolutions On Instagram

Both of them shared their New Year’s resolutions. Isabel Roloff shared her resolution was inspired for her late mother. It is to work through fear despite having anxiety.

Jacob said his is to read more. It’s been his resolution for the past three years. He shared the book he was going to read first and it will be Karl Marx’s, “Capital: Volume 1.” Fans love that they share so much of their life with them. They can’t wait for them to start traveling again.

What do you think about the Roloff’s resolutions? Are you planning on reading more this year since everyone is stuck at home? Share your thoughts below.

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