‘General Hospital’ Star TK Weaver In Bike Accident, Asking for Prayers

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The news was recently revealed that TK Weaver of General Hospital was in a car crash and needs prayers. The young boy used to be on the show but isn’t anymore. He played the role of Danny Morgan.

News about TK Weaver’s accident

The news is coming out about the accident. On TK’s Twitter, it was shared to check out an Instagram post about his accident. This post shared a lot more information about what happened to TK Weaver. Here is what the post revealed.

“Hi all. TK spent the day at CHOC. It’s a children’s hospital. He hurt himself today being a kid. Bike accident. He doesn’t want us to post any pictures of his injured face but he asked that we post this recent picture before the accident and ask for healing prayers. (TK) He has been through a lot. He had surgery and got some stitches. He has been really tough. (TJ) He has appointments set up Monday with a dentist and follow-up Tuesday with a surgeon. He’ll be okay but it might take quite awhile to heal. Please send good thoughts and prayers. He said he needs them and really appreciates it. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻❤️”

Hopefully, TK will be back looking like himself and playing again soon. It doesn’t sound like this is life-threatening in any way, but it is still scary for the young boy.

Fans lend their support

The fans are lending their support on the post to him. Here are a few comments that went to TK Weaver.

  • Praying for you TK! I know I tell you all the time how lucky you are to have the parents you have, well now is the time to really just let your parents take care of you. As a child I had so many surgeries, and if you take a stuffed animal in with you, it helps so much! I’m 50 now and had to have major surgery a couple years ago, I took my stuffed monkey with me…since I couldn’t have the comfort of my dog or cat. Trust me that little bit of comfort before and after is so helpful. Plus you can squeeze them super hard and they love it! So my prayers are with you and your family. Because being a parent is hard and I know your siblings are worried as well! All my love to you. Keep us updated on here and Twitter! Natalie Parrish
  • Truly hate to hear that you are hurt, TK. Blessings and Prayers being sent your way. Hope all goes well for you in the next few days.
  • Prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

TK is no longer on General Hospital. Hopefully, he will continue to share updates on his social media.

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