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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shared Embarrassing Info About Three Out Of Four Wives

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Kody Brown of the Sister Wives series aired some dirty laundry about his wives over the last decade and he seems to take it all in his stride. He also spread some of this drama in a book he wrote with his four wives several years ago. It seems Janelle Brown is the only Sister Wives lady that Kody hasn’t mentioned anything embarrassing.

Still, he did say Janelle was more like a buddy, just like one of the guys. While some women might find this disheartening coming from their husbands, it seems like Janelle agreed with him. But the other three wives weren’t as lucky through the years when Kody spilled some not so nice stuff about them.

Sister Wives: Loose Lips of Kody Brown

The father-of-18 included Robyn Brown in the three Sister Wives women whose shortcomings he highlighted. Fans look at her as the favorite wife, but even Robyn choked on what Kody had to say about her during a televised interview.

Did gaining fame from his Sister Wives show over the last 10-plus  years give the husband-of-four a big head? Or did he come to a breaking point prompting him to share rather personal and embarrassing stuff about his wives? The most recent nasty comment he shared about a wife has to do with Meri Brown.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Fans got to hear Kody berate the first wife to join him in his plural marriage plan. He did this while at a therapy session on this past season of the Sister Wives series.  Kody Brown claims he didn’t know Meri when they married and that she manipulated him into marriage. He didn’t want to be married to her anymore, which is the message the fans got from his behavior and disgraceful words.

Robyn Turned Him Off

When Kody sat down for a live interview with his Sister Wives ladies, he talked about bringing Robyn into the family as the fourth wife. He shared how they met and also how much Meri advocated for Kody to marry Robyn. But Kody told the interviewer and the millions at home listening to this national broadcast he had misgivings.

Robyn came with the “ick factor,” Kody told the interviewer. His wives all looked a bit embarrassed hearing him say this, especially Robyn. He actually said the thought of marrying Robyn made him “shudder”. Then he said it was because she’s a divorced woman that he felt she had the “ick factor.”

Robyn cringed and the interviewer caught that. She told Kody that Robyn looked uneasy. Then she asked the Sister Wives husband if he actually just said that. Adding more embarrassment to herself, Robyn defended what he said. She claims she understands Kody’s concerns.

That’s because she was married before and she enters the marriage with three kids for Kody to care for. But Janelle Brown was also married before. She divorced Kody’s brother and married Kody. Apparently no ick factor there?

Sister Wives: Cream Of The Crop When It Comes To Embarrassments?

Kody bombarded both Meri and Robyn on TV for all the nation to see. But he wrote an embarrassing memory in their Sister Wives book about Christine Brown. That lives on forever in the pages of that book. This event happened while Kody was thinking about Christine Brown as wife number three. At the time she hung out with the Sister Wives two wives, Janelle and Meri, along with Kody.

While just friends at the time, Christine joined them for a road trip. During that trip, they stopped at a gas station/convenience store along the way. Christine ran in and got the biggest helping of nachos and cheese that Kody said he ever saw.

When the trip got back underway, Kody looked at Christine through the rearview mirror. She sat in the backseat devouring those nachos and she was covered in the dripping cheese. Kody wrote in the book that it grossed him out watching this chubby girl eat. He also put the courting thing on hold over this. In the book, Christine writes that she was unaware Kody felt that way at the time.

These four women adore this man and honor him in every way possible as a good husband and father. Still, he didn’t seem to mind passing along these embarrassing stories about the women he says he loves. But the women didn’t seem to mind, as they all got right back up from the insults and carried on with daily life as usual.

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  1. Kodi Brown only needs to look in the mirror at HIMSELF to get the REAL “ICK” factor, especially at what comes out of his mouth. The man, if you can call him one , is a disgrace, and WHY ANY of his wives stay is a mystery only they know ……..or do they? this relationship flies very close to coercive control more than a marriage. With all 3, now , women thinking they love him , HOW, they live daily with this is beyond me !!

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